Quick Draw McBra

Here”s the latest in fashion accessories for the defense-minded woman — the Flashbang bra holster. Says the manufacturer, “A woman can dress in form fitting clothes and still look sexy if she chooses and carry a defense pistol. The days of dressing like a guy in a baggy shirt are over.”

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American Exceptionalism

Peter Robinson of the Hoover Institution interviews syndicated radio talk shot host Dennis Prager on his new book Still the Best Hope: Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph.  Prager persuasively argues on behalf of American exceptionalism, and pinpoints the dangers posed by liberalism and Islamism.  His belief: “The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen.” H/T Maggie’s Farm.

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The Land That Time Forgot

One of the greatest genres of all cinema, the “Lost World” movie, took a hit in the 1970s. Ray Harryhausen, the creature effects genius behind The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad and One Million Years B.C., made his last prehistoric-monster movie in 1969 — The Valley of Gwangi. And the wonders of CGI hadn’t yet revitalized the genre. The 1970s, thus, became the lost decade for “Lost Worlds” on the silver screen, with one notable exception.

That exception: A series of four films by the team of director Kevin Connor, producer John Dark and star Doug McClure based on the Caprona novels by Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs. The first, and arguably the best of the series, was The Land That Time Forgot (1975), today’s Trillion ($) Movie. Here, an American adventurer played by McClure, along with a German U-Boat crew and some British stowaways, rediscover the long-lost island of Caprona in the south seas near Antarctica. Despite its location, Caprona is a balmy tropical paradise, kept warm by hot springs, burning tar pits and belching volcanoes. Miraculously, ferocious dinosaurs still roam the grounds as well as bands of troglodytes.

It takes a half-hour before our heroes reach Caprona, and the creatures there might look a bit cheesy, but the action remains good, clean fun, bolstered by a solid script from British sci-fi author Michael Moorcock. Enjoy, and stop back next Friday for another Trillion ($) Movie.

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Everything Changes

Pop stars often dress up their music videos with elaborate costume changes. But Eytan and The Embassy go the extra distance by incorporating 18 costume changes into a one-take video — a new world record. Their song, “Everything Changes,” is not only catchy, but offers plenty of eye candy as frontman Eytan Oren masquerades as a series of pop legends, including Bob Dylan, Sid Vicious, Prince, Bruce Springsteen and Lady Gaga. Watch at 2:40 as he transforms into Kurt Cobain, and “Courtney Love” stumbles around in the background.  Good one, guys. H/T My Disguises.

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Follow the Ideology

President Obama personally inserted himself into the Fast and Furious gun walking scandal after he extended executive privilege over certain Department Of Justice documents. Was the Fast and Furious a botched scandal, or a deliberate effort to undermine the Second Amendment? Find out as Bill Whittle explores the ideological motives behind the Fast and Furious scandal in an installment of PJ Media’s Afterburner.

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