New Obama Campaign Slogans

TV talk-show host Conan O’Brien isn’t impressed by the Obama campaign’s 2012 slogan — “Forward.” Drawing upon the president and vice president’s recent speeches, O’Brien presents a host of alternative slogans the campaign might want to embrace. H/T IMAO

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2 thoughts on “New Obama Campaign Slogans

  1. This was quite an interesting post. The way the audience was so hesitant to laugh was quite revealing. And you have to wonder why it was put together in the first place, with so many of the ha-ha moments hitting so close to home. Not the kind of thing an L.A. audience wants to see. I guess they thought the laughter would drown out the reality staring them in the face.

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      Call Me Stormy on said:

      Not only Conan O’Brien, but also Jay Leno and Jon Stewart are now taking occasional pot shots at the Obama campaign. They’re not piling on, by any means, but the tone is shifting, as the recognition grows that the incumbent could well go down in defeat come November.

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