I Plead the Fifth

IRS officials are either big Dave Chappelle fans or else their penchant for pleading the Fifth is a grand hypocrisy, seeing as how they stand accused of trampling the First Amendment, as well as violating citizens’ Fourth Amendment rights. Judge Jeanine takes the rogue agency to task.

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The Power of Slur Words

Race has been a big topic of national discussion in the last few weeks, from Paula Deen getting fired for saying the n-word to Rachel Jeantel saying the phrase “creepy-ass cracker.” CNN’s Don Lemon decided an “honest and difficult conversation” was needed, and so that’s just what he did, the end result being a direct and honest discussion about the taboos surrounding the use of the n-word in popular culture and how it led to the firing of celebrity chef Paula Deen.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This video has disappeared from YouTube. In its absence, we present another video from Bitchute, featuring Paula Deen making a Creamy Mac ‘n’ Cheese.)

Syrian Tensions Spill Over

Gunfire erupts in the southern Lebanese city of Sidon, causing Sunni Muslims to run for their lives. The machine gun shots were fired by Lebanese troops to disperse dozens of Sunni Muslims who were demonstrating in support of a hardline cleric. The military crushed his fighters earlier this week in the worst fighting in Lebanon since the neighboring Syrian conflict broke out.

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The Best Recipe

A hungry tapir and a chef working to perfect a recipe engage in a spirited duel in this short animation from Malaysia. A group of students from the One Academy collaborated on the work, among them Sia Ding Shen, Chew Kin Lek, Patrick Liow. Lim Mei Shyuan and Zhang Lu. H/T Kuriositas

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