Monthly Archives: September 2013

The Revolution is Near

Joe Dan Gorman lambastes our free-spending administration and  spiraling national debt, and the abject silence of our lamestream media in this version of Intellectual Froglegs titled “The Revolultion Will Not Be Televised.”  Gorman urges us to look at the numbers. “Since 2007, since these Democrat free spenders took control of our finances, they’ve doubled our debt, they don’t have a budget and now what they’re saying is, ‘We don’t need a budget. We just need you to raise the limit on our credit  cards. And the broadcast news media–the Obama media–they parrot whatever this Marxist community organizer says.” Hear Joe Dan’s take on the entire mess, plus some other golden nuggets.

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‘You Ought to Go Home’

Earlier this year, in the volatile airspace of the Middle East, an Iranian F-4 fighter jet set its sights on a U.S. predator drone with intentions of blowing it out of the sky. Suddenly, out of thin air, the Iranian aircraft was flanked by an American F-22 Raptor, perhaps the most sophisticated and powerful jet on the planet. The American pilot calmly switched to the Iranian radio frequency and advised. “You really ought to home.” The stunned Iranian heeded the advice immediately. Says Bill Whittle in this edition of “Afterburner,” “Now, to some people, this is exactly the kind of showboating bravado that gets us into wars. But for those of us with a passion for history, especially the lessons of history, this is something different. For us, this is the kind of showboating bravado that keeps us out of wars.” Whittle points out the elements and players involved in this pseudo showdown.

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Obama Disappointing All Parties

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has referred to President Obama as non-partisan. “She has a point,” says Jodi Miller. “Lately, the president has been disappointing people in all political parties.” This week’s edition of NewsBusted also features Obamacare, Dennis Kucinich, Aaron Alexis and NASA.

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What’s a Government Shutdown?

What does a government shutdown really mean? It’s not all it’s cranked up to be, says political pundit Dick Morris. “We really misunderstand the concept of a government shutdown. It does not shut down the government. We just call it that,” says Morris. “What it does is shut down those activities which are governed by discretionary spending that’s voted by Congress each year. The entitlements, Social Security, Medicare, veterans benefits, food stamps, welfare, disability all go on getting paid because they are not governed by the funds that Congress appropriates annually.”

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Shooting a Hole in Liberal Logic

Liberals  are stuck on cultivating a culture of victimization. “We are victims of the evil American empire,” they proclaim. The country is exposed to this caustic rhetoric daily by hustlers from the grievance industry, such as Michael Moore, the Reverend Al Sharpton and the Reverend Jesse Jackson.

Zonation’s Alfonzo Rachel says the propaganda has reached a breaking point, causing many to snap and seek justice through violence. “Of course, liberals believe the answer is more gun control,” Rachel reasons. “Sadly, you liberals think that behavior can be controlled with more bad laws. Yet despite liberals insisting that we need more bad laws, they hate Republicans because we think this is a constitutional republic where we have the rule of law. But it’s the rule of good law, and liberals hate good law.”

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