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Zombie Drive-Thru

Unsuspecting fast-food restaurant, drive-thru employees are startled when their customer turns out to be a terrifying zombie. Enjoy this Halloween Night episode on this edition of Ed Bassmaster.

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The Healthcare Mash

Remy channels Bobby “Boris” Pickett of “Monster Mash” fame in this parody mocking the disastrous Obamacare website. The GoRemy video is courtesy of Reason TV.

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Defense From Space Rocks

The United Nations has formulated plans to go the Team Human route. On the drawing board is the creation of the International Asteroid Defense League, where U.N. members can identify, seek out and alter the path of possible asteroid threats. Joe Bereta spells out the details in this episode of “SourceFed.”

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Blow by Blow on Wind

Love it or not, wind is a two-faced force of nature. While we welcome the pleasure of a cool breeze, or even strong gust, we tremble at the thought of gales, tornadoes and hurricanes. What is wind? Hank Green of SciShow answers in one simple sentence. “Wind is caused by air flowing from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure,” he says. “The closer the high and low pressures are to each other, the stronger the wind.” Tune in as Green gets a bit more technical in this edition of SciShow.

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Spookin’ With the Three Stooges

With Halloween just three nights away, LOL welcomes this video celebrating the screams of the Three Stooges. Watch as the Stooges get spooky with ghosts, zombies, skeletons and goblins, and be sure to rejoin us here on LOL next Tuesday for another experience on the lighter side of life. — The Wickel

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Sizzling in the Kitchen

Something’s definitely cooking in this Thump video titled “The Greatest Baking Show on Earth” on Vice. It’s difficult to decipher what exactly is cooking, but who cares when the chef is a sexy, scantily clad lass with more moves than a kitchen blender. Follow the recipe closely.

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The Gravy Train Mentality

It’s official: Americans receiving entitlements now outnumber those earning a paycheck, according to the Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics. So, with more Americans than ever climbing on the government gravy train, how much longer can we survive? Political pundit Dick Morris says, “151 million Americans receive a check from the government, but only 125 million Americans receive a paycheck from an employer, or are self-employed. This gap is horrific. It means that more people are looking for government mailing envelopes–entitlements–than are looking for pay envelopes from their boss, or from their place of work.” Listen to the rest of Morris’ analysis in this edition of “Dick Morris Reports.”

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Fracking Up a Storm

It’s a fact that fracking–the process of pumping chemicals and water into the ground to fracture rock and produce oil and gas–produces fuel that’s cheaper, plentiful and beneficial for everyone on the planet. But the liberal left is waging an all-out assault to ban the drilling technique. Fox News’ John Stossel examines the controversial process and the left’s attempt to ban it permanently in this episode of LibertyPen.

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Tea Teams USA Go On Offense

The newly formed Tea Teams USA and Wild Bill for America are getting the word out to Tea Party chapters throughout the country: It’s time to stop spending time on your heels on defense and start playing offense disrupting the liberal agenda.  “We will never defeat the enemies of freedom if we are constantly reacting to what they do,” Wild Bill says. “It’s time for us to take the battle to them, and make them start dancing to the music that we play.”

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Does God Really Let Us Suffer?

The age-old question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” has bewildered us for ages, especially where the innocent are involved. In this episode of “Prager University,” Peter Kreeft, professor of philosophy at Boston College, seeks to unravel the conundrum.

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