Monthly Archives: October 2013

Brainwashing Education

The Common Core State Standards Initiative is a massive federal catastrophe coming your way soon. Basically, Common Core is standards-based education reform, or as PJ Media’s Bill Whittle calls it, “Obamacare for education.”

Says Whittle, “And like Obamacare, all of the faults get incorporated into a single point of failure, and then that point fails.” Join Whittle in this edition of “Afterburner,” as he explains how Common Core just advances liberal plans of indoctrination.

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Addicted to Debt

Debt destroys. And the government just keeps adding to the debt and the destruction of our prosperity. That’s the dire message from Judge Andrew Napolitano, distinguished scholar in law and jurisprudence from the Mises Institute. Earlier this week, Congress ended the three-week government shutdown by handing President Obama a blank check to exceed $17 trillion in debt. Says Judge Napolitano, “The concept of debt is utterly destructive, because it has to be paid back. And it’s not paid back by the government, it’s paid back by individual taxpayers. The people that the government owes money to are not going to come and seize government property. The government is going to unleash its debt collectors on the rest of us. The IRS will seize our property if we don’t pay in a timely manner.” Tune in to Judge Napolitano in this episode of “The Mises View,” as he elaborates on how our government destroys prosperity.

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Blaming Bush Again

The rollout of  the Obamacare website has been nothing short of disastrous. With a myriad of glitches on the site, few Americans have had success logging in, much less enrolling. Says Jodi Miller, “It’s been such a disaster, Democrats are ready to start blaming Obamacare on George W. Bush.” Miller also discusses David Sanger of The New York Times, MSNBC, the debt ceiling and Alec Baldwin in this episode of “NewsBusted.”

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Agenda 21: Control the World

Agenda 21, adopted by the United Nations in 1992 to implement worldwide sustainable development, is emerging from the shadows and drawing major opposition in our country. Those opposed decry that the plan is an infringement on individual rights on a state, local and community level, and is basically an attempt at creating a new world order. “Sustainable development is a term that was defined by the United Nations … The plan restricts your choices, it limits your ability to govern yourself and it takes away your freedom,” says Rosa Koire, executive director of the Post Sustainability Institute. Get the lowdown on Agenda 21 and its dangerous repercussions from a myriad of sources, including conservative political commentator Glenn Beck in this episode of “Jason A.”

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Love is Dwindling in Japan

The once explosive population of post-World War II Japan has made a shocking about-face. The Land of the Rising today owns the fastest negative population growth in the world. Japan is home to most people over the age of 65 and the least under the age of 15 than any country on the planet. The problem: Baby-making has come to a standstill! Instead, the Japanese have turned to other pleasures, such as cuddle cafes, host parties and sexual fetishes. Investigative journalist Ryan Duffy journeyed to Tokyo to dig out the details in this disturbing trend of this edition of “Vice.”

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