The Reality of Obamacare

As the Affordable Care Act fiasco continues to multiply with insurance cancellations, a glitch-infested website and a continuous string of  lies from the Obama administration, PJ Media’s Bill Whittle weighs in with his assessment of the disaster with what he describes is “The Hammer of Reality.” Whittle says, “The Hammer of Reality is a great friend and a terrible foes. Reality, you see, says that health care is not, in fact, free. It’s a commodity. It’s something that’s bought and sold the same way the Democratic Party buys and sells votes. And if you’re going to expand coverage to people who do not have it, and increase the scope of that coverage and also destroy the entire idea of actuarial tables with pre-existing condition exemptions, well, that’s going to cost money.” Join Whittle in this edition of “Afterburner,” as he roots out the problems associated with Obamacare.

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