Red Skelton vs. The Hangover

Red Skelton’s comedic sketches were legendary, among those his brilliant performance in “Red Skelton Recovers from New Year’s Eve Hangover.” The skit, performed in complete pantomime, features Skelton conquering his raging headache and unbearable dry mouth with the only real cure to a hangover. See you next year here on LOL for some dazzling visits to the lighter side of life. Until then, Happy New Year to all! — TheWickel

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Palin: America’s Mama Grizz

Former vice-presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin took on the rattlesnake media head on and defeated them. “She took on the big oil companies and made them tow the line,” says Wild Bill. “She can hike, camp, hunt, fish without whining. And if the White House sissy ever climbed into the ring with her, I think I know which one would end up crying like a little girl.” In this edition of Wild Bill for America, Wild Bill goes on to tell us why we need more Sarah Palins in our country.

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Economic Reboot Coming

Yaron Brook, president and executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute, tells Glenn Beck that ominous economic clouds lay ahead for the United States. “Over the next 20 plus-minus years, we’re in deep, deep economic trouble,” Brook says. “It might be sooner. It might be three years, but at some point this country goes bankrupt.” Listen to the full discussion in this edition of “The Blaze.”

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All is Ducky at A&E

The ducks will be quacking again and the A&E Network has egg on its face … as expected. After a week-long, politically correct drama where A&E climbed on its high horse and suspended “Duck Dynasty” megastar Phil Robertson for what it claimed were insensitive remarks toward gays, the network made an about-face and reinstated the hugely popular reality show’s patriarch over the weekend.

As reported on Fox News’ “The Five,” A&E released a statement chock-full of more PC rhetoric, pointing out that it had consulted with numerous advocacy groups before making its decision. “The Five’s” Andrea Tantaros took exception to the press release, saying, “It’s a bunch of baloney. If you take a look at this, it’s about profit, profit, profit. But even more than that, it’s not about money. The fact that A&E tried to silence them, even before the scandal, shows that they have different political beliefs. It’s bigger than money. They don’t want them praying, they don’t want them talking about Jesus. They don’t get that talking about Jesus is actually profitable and what made them profitable.”

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Fox has taken down this video, presumably because they have been involved in a legal dispute with Andrea Tantaros. In its absence, we present the CBS This Morning report on Phil Robertson’s reinstatement.)

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Senate Within Range for GOP

Political pundit Dick Morris is making predictions again. Thirteen months after his prognostication debacle in the 2012 presidential election, in which he predicted a Romney landslide  victory, Morris says Republicans will capture the Senate in 2014.

“We need six seats to win the Senate,” he says. “Three of them, as I’ve said, are easy pickups: West Virginia, South Dakota and Montana. All three of them have retiring Democratic incumbents, very strong Republican candidates and very weak Democrats running for the seat.”  Morris said the real test will come in four crucial states: Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana and North Carolina. Listen in to Morris’ rationale in this edition of “Dick Morris Reports.”

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Nanny of the Year Awards

Reason TV presents its 2013 Nanny of the Year Awards, recognizing those who devote their lives to telling us how to run ours. Ted Balaker, who wrote and produced this spoof ceremony, features Oregon State Rep. Mitch Greenlick, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Eastchester, N.Y., supervisor Anthony Colavita and, last but not least, the drop-dead gorgeous Halle Berry.

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Can Obama’s Legacy Be Saved?

John Podesta, who gained notoriety as President Clinton’s “fixer,” has joined the Obama Administration in an attempt to salvage the president’s legacy. But with the recent onslaught of scandals, can Obama’s legacy be saved, or is it beyond repair? Political commentators Scott Ott, Bill Whittle and Stepen Green tackle this daunting predicament in this edition of “Trifecta” on PJTV.

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The History of Christmas

“The History of Christmas,” a production by the History Channel, details interesting facts about our most celebrated holiday. For instance, did you know that the birth of the Christ Child was a mystery because the Bible never mentions when he was born. Since pagan Rome already celebrated the birth of Mithra on December 25, it is theorized that the church adopted the date as the brith of the Christ Child. In the fourth century, the church made it official, declaring December 25 as the Feast Day of the Nativity.

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