There’s No Turning Back

Distinguished professor of economics at George Mason University and syndicated columnist Walter E. Williams says there is such a deep political divide in our nation that he believes conservatives must divorce progressives. “I think it is clear that we have strayed very far from the Constitution,” Williams tells Steve Malzberg of Newmax TV.

“The founders gave us a Constitution where the federal government’s role in our lives was limited. … The federal government (today) is in every single aspect of our lives without any Constitutional amendments, and it seems like there’s no turning back. Most Americans want to have the power to use the federal government to live at the expense of another American. That is, they want their congressmen to use the power of their office to take the rightful property of one American and bring it back to them, whether you talk about farm subsidies, food stamps, business bailouts, food stamps, welfare and thousands of federal programs.”

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