Monthly Archives: February 2014

Regulating Regulation

Veteran consumer reporter and investigative journalist John Stossel says most of the regulation put forth by government is practically useless. “Politicians claim more laws are the answer,” says Stossel. “But this cripples our future. Don’t they see the damage regulation causes.” In this edition of Liberty Pen, Stossel sells the notion that reputation and the free market gives us more regulation than bureaucrats deploying government force.

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In a Tizzy Over Bibles in Hotels

Annie Laurie Gailor and the Freedom From Religion Foundation have set their sights on Christianity, zeroing in on a hotel on the campus of Iowa State University and its Bibles in guest rooms. It seems Gailor is objecting to the Bible being the only book placed in hotel rooms.

In this edition of “Zonation” on PJTV, Alfonzo Rachel explains, “Uhhh, because the majority of the country is Christian, that’s why. You Democrats claim to be Democrats because you swear by the majority rule, right? Well, the majority of the country considers themselves Christian, and does feel that the word of God is a good thing to have access to.”

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Obamacare Destroying Jobs

American Enterprise Institute resident scholar Stan Veuger says Obamacare and jobs aren’t a good match. The Congressional Budget Office concurred when it released a report recently, revealing that work disincentives in Obamacare will lead to a massive loss of about 2.5 million jobs. Says Veuger, “If you don’t reward work, if you don’t reward investments, work and investments will cease to exist.”

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Those Doggone Politicians

Imagine coming face to face with Clay Henry, mayor of Lajitas, Texas, in 1986. Nothing unusual about that, you say. Well, for one, there wouldn’t be much conversation because Clay Henry is a beer-drinking goat! And those of you in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, have been served by three doggie mayors. Is our country’s political landscape changing? Amy Holmes, of The Blaze, explains.

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Pope Wrong About Capitalism

When Pope Francis decried that the culture of prosperity deadens us all and blamed it on capitalism last December, that riled more than a few capitalists. One of them is Marian Tupy, senior policy analyst at the Cato Institute and editor of the website Human Progress, who tells Reason.TV’s Nick Gillespie that Pope Francis is wrong on two counts.

“First of all, the Pope is under the impression that the markets are free. That the markets are unfettered. He uses the expression ‘totally autonomous markets.’ In fact, over the past 20 years Washington alone has produced some 80,000 regulations … we don’t really have free markets as such. And secondly, what we see in countries with a level of great economic freedom, the poor are richer, they own a greater share of national wealth, there is less corruption and there are greater political and civil liberties.”

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War on Free Speech

With the IRS army now reaching about 90,000 strong, be wary of your constitutional rights. The IRS and the Obama Administration now have set sight on our precious first amendment right to free speech. Says Wild Bill for America, “Now the people who are speaking out, exposing Obama’s corruption and unlawful behavior, are those of us in the digital media right here on the Internet, and the grassroots citizen movements for freedom. Now the IRS is creating new rules for groups that will slap a heavy tax on both the work and messages of grassroots movements.”

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