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Mama Black Holes

Of all the mysteries in the universe, scientists’ theory that baby universes are born in black holes ranks right up there with the most peculiar. Granted, our greatest minds still grapple with what black holes are and what they do, but the recent theory that they give birth to baby universes has some merit.

If the theory is true, that means our universe is inside a black hole, which is inside a black hole, which is inside a black hole … and so on. In the following edition of Top Tenz, the confusion is unraveled, along with nine other mind-bending theories about the universe.

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Bastardizing Capitalism

The fall of the Soviet Union in the ’80s was a huge black mark for communism and capitalists rejoiced. But progressives still soured on capitalism, suggesting we needed something in between. Enter The Third Way. Consumer reporter John Stossel says that we, in fact, have a “third way” today, which he describes as capitalism smothered in government. Stossel explains the transformation and what he’s coined the bastardization of capitalism in this edition of LibertyPen.

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What’s Beneath Antartica?

The continent of Antartica is inhospitable, desolate and mysterious. Covered in ice for 35 million years, Antartica is the planet’s fifth-largest continent, yet holds 70 percent of its fresh water. But what would we find if all that ice melted? Host Ben Bowlin takes on the challenge of the question with some assumptions of his own in this revealing edition of How Stuff Works.

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Flying High in Oregon

“Air travelers in Oregon are now permitted to fly with up to an ounce of recreational marijuana,” reports Jodi Miller. “And if the weed is potent enough, they won’t even need a plane.” Miller targets President Obama, Iran’s foreign minister, Hillary Clinton, Britain’s Royal Family, Greece and Starbucks in this edition of NewsBusted.

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The Mysteries Of Pluto

The success of the New Verizons Probe’s Pluto flyby has already provided us with more information about the dwarf planet and its largest moon, Charon, than in the past 85 years. “From what we’ve seen so far, at least one thing is for sure, we’re going to have to completely change the way we think about planetary geology,” says Reid Reimers. He divulges the details in this edition of SciShow Space.

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The Red Bear is Awake

Russia is back and it is awake. Those words are from Glenn Beck, who warns the world about the dangerous political path of of the Soviets. It’s madman Vladimir Putin and one of the Kremlin’s policy advisors, Alexander Dugin, a Russian political scientist known for his fascist views.

“Welcome to the new Russia, and it won’t stay contained in Russia,” Beck says. “They are using these far-right groups in Germany, in Greece and now in France in a proxy cultural battle against neighbors it seeks to diminish.” Listen, as Beck exposes Russia’s terrifying geo-political agenda in this edition of The Blaze.

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Lost Cities Revealed

Heracleion, one of the largest trade-port cities in ancient Egypt, was one of 25 lost cities you probably never heard of. John Green tells us that for a long time people believed it was underwater, and in 2013 divers finally started finding artifacts from the city in the Mediterranean Sea. Catch up on more triva-tastic info about lost cities with host John Green in this edition of Mental Floss.

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GOP Cowtowing to Obama

Joe Dan Gorman says he let out a sigh of relief when the GOP captured the Senate last year en route to controlling both houses of Congress, but the feeling was premature. “The Republican leadership is worthless,” Gorman says. “I thought they’d at least slow down Obama, but they’re not even trying. They should be up in his grille telling him, ‘sit down and shut up.’ The Congress does have the power, they just don’t have the balls.” Gorman also opines on the Planned Parenthood fiasco, the looming presidential debates, the American hostages in Iran and the ridiculously, left-wing media in this provacative edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

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Obama, Kerry Are Traitors

In light of the Iran nuclear deal, the release of enemy combatants, the endangerment of national security and the government’s refusal to secure the southern border, Wild Bill can’t take it anymore. “Obama and John Kerry are traitors to this nation and must be brought to justice,” he says. He lays out President Destruct-O’ missteps and Kerry faux pas in this edition of Wild Bill for America.

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