Democrat Lawlessness

The new incarnation of the Democrat Party is certainly a sight to see. They break the law, disgrace our Constitution and lie, lie, lie to the American public. And, of course, the Perpetrator in Chief is President Barack Hussein Obama, with the desperate damsel in constant distress, Hillary Rodham Clinton, not far behind. But despite their reign of government terror, they’re still media darlings. How, you ask, is this remotely possible? Clinton’s e-mail scandal is a case in point. Says political commentator Bill Whittle, “Hillary Clinton will either walk scot free for treasonous graft and criminal incompetence, or she will be indicted and lose the nomination solely on the personal whim of Barack Hussein Obama and the merits of the deal the Clintons can cut with his majesty in order to save her skin.” But Whittle doesn’t stop there. He further states his case in this edition of “Afterburner” on PJTV.

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