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Who Won Trumpless Debate?

Political strategist and former consultant to President Clinton, Dick Morris, analyzes the pre-Iowa caucuses debate. Morris dissects the issues and what effect an absent Donald Trump had. Morris also announces who he thought performed best in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

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Is There a Ninth Planet?

Scientists from the California Institute of Technology may well have discovered a ninth planet in our solar system. Now called Planet Nine, the new spatial body has 10 times the mass of Earth and is near the size of Neptune. Amy Shire Teitel and Trace Dominguez fill in the details in this edition of D News.

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History Won’t Be Kind to Obama

When President Obama looks back on his two terms in the White House, it won’t be a pretty sight. What he’ll see is an economy that never recovered from the Great Recession because of his failed policies, his disastrous exit strategies in Iraq and Afghanistan, an ever-mounting entitlement state under his administration, and on and on. Fox News contributor and sydicated columnist Charles Krauthammer weighs in on the issue with host Bret Baier on “Special Report,” opining that history will judge our 44th president “very severely.”

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Obama: What Constitution?

“In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, President Obama delivered remarks at McKinley Senior High School,” Jodi Miller reports. “He told students there’s no limit to what they can accomplish, if they’re willing to ignore the Constitution.” Also on Miller’s hit list this week are tax revenues, jihadist recruiting, Aljazeera, Rick Santorum, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, the Playboy Mansion and Oprah Winfrey in this edition of NewsBusted.

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Jones Blasts Scumbag Liberals

Political commentator Alex Jones is fed up with liberals sucking up to the enemy, and he isn’t going to take it anymore. In an impassioned presentation on “Info Wars,” Jones calls out President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Angela Merkel among a host of other sickofanic leftists as jihad-loving, scumbag liberals that need to be dealt with. Don’t miss the full thrust of Jones’ justified and fiery verbal assault on the looney left in this edition of The Alex Jones Channel.

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Unraveling Space Myths

Our universe is full of mysteries, many of them not close to being solved. But scattered about what we do know of the Final Frontier are a handful of myths. Many of the wider-known misconceptions have been debunked, such as the myth that a human body would freeze if left unprotected in the vacuum of space. But space is beyond freezing, measuring -270.45 Celsius. Your body wouldn’t freeze, you’d actually overheat because there is nothing for your body heat to transfer to. Nine additional myths are explained in this special science issue of Alltime 10s.

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Trump Haters Beware

Political pundit Joe Dan Gorman takes issue with the haters who are assailing the presidential candidacy of Donald J. Trump, many of them GOP establishment dinosaurs.

“Contrary to the haters, Donald Trump is a brilliant man who loves this country,” Gorman says. “And one of his greatest gifts is that he understands the complex, but he has the gift to communicate it in a very straightforward and simple manner.” In this just recently released edition of Intellectual Froglegs, Gorman confronts Nikki Haley’s response to President Obama’s final State of the Union Address and a slew of GOP fat cats battering their very own.

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Misconceptions About Memory

Your memory can actually play tricks on … your mind! Not a misconception, but the truth. Although host Elliott Morgan takes us through more than a few misconceptions about our memories in this memorable edition of Mental Floss.

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Iowa, NH Going Down to Wire

Multiple polls for the first presidential primary in New Hampshire and the Iowa caucuses show some traditional outcomes, but many surprises, too. So will Donald Trump dominate as the polls indicate, or is there an upset in the making? Will Bernie Sanders’ late surge in Iowa and New Hampshire come to fruition, or does Hillary Clinton have something left for the 11th hour? John Phillips analyzes in this edition of “Poll Position” on PJTV.

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Feds Quash NYPD Data Base

The NYPD is regarded as an elite force for combating terror in the United States, including the city’s compilation of perhaps the most comprehensive data base on Muslim extremists and mosques. But a recent federal court order has directed NYPD to strip itself of the date because, it says, it violates the civil iberties of those being surveilled. The ruling doesn’t sit well with political strategist Dick Morris. “The only civil liberty I think it violates, is the civil liberty to get killed,” Morris says. “When will this insanity end?” Tune in to Dick Morris Reports for the rest of his reaction.

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