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The End of Ideology

GOP presidential Ted Cruz is the epitome of Ronald Reagan conservatism, and Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders is his party’s most progressive candidate ever. Both strong ideologs, to say the least. Yet the flamboyant Donald Trump and establishment darling Hillary Clinton are running away from the competition in their respective races. “I think this reflects a feeling among the American people that ideology doesn’t work,” says political commentator Dick Morris. “Whereas liberals are trying to carry on the Obama tradition, and conservatives are trying to reach back to the Ronald Reagan tradition, Americans are saying the hell with all of it. Let’s just do what works, let’s do what’s in our interests.” He explains further in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

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The whine-and-blame Millenials

Millenials are well on their way to becoming our weirdest generation yet, terrified to face our ever-changing and challenging world today. Why? The Baby Boomers screwed it up for them, they claim. But instead of taking matters into their own hands and aspiring to improve their world, Millenials have turned to the whine-and-blame game, taking on movements such as Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter. Can you imagine what the next generation is going to think of them? PJTV boomers Andrew Klavan and Bill Whittle take on this delicate subject in this edition of “Klavan & Whittle.”

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Ted Cruz Chooses Carly

In what appears a desperate attempt to snatch the limelight from Donald Trump’s five-state primary sweep in the Northeast, Ted Cruz announced that he has chosen former GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina to be his vice-presidential running mate. The move is highly unorthodox as presidential campaigns go, since the Texas senator’s chances to amass the needed delegates to claim the nomination all but went up in smoke with the Trump sweep, leaving a contested convention as his only hope. A major long-shot, to say the least. Kat Timpf, reporter for the National Review Online, and Democrat strategist Chuck Rocha weigh in on the move with host Fox News’ Deidre Bolton in this edition of “Risk & Reward.”

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End of U.S. Monarchy Near

“While in Saudi Arabia, President Obama met with their king,” Jodi Miller reports. “It was the final meeting between Saudi Arabia’s absolute monarch and America’s absolute monarch.” Miller also targets Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, the North Carolina transgender law, Justin Bieber, the KKK, President George H.W. Bush, Jennifer Aniston and Caitlyn Jenner in this edition of NewsBusted.

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The Minimum Wage Cruelty

The much-debated $15 minimum wage became the law of the land for millions of citizens in California and New York, but the real impact of the legislation could be devastating. George Mason University economist Don Boudreaux, like a majority of economists, is a staunch believer in the economic theory that if you raise the price of something, everything else being equal, you get less of it.

Thus implementing the $15 minimum wage will destroy jobs for the least skilled members in the workforce. “The vast majority of studies on the minimum wage, I’m estimating 70 percent, show a significant negative effect on minimum wages on the employment of unskilled workers, usually proxy by teen-agers,” Boudreaux says. But not only do you have job loss, Boudreaux reasons, the unskilled workforce, almost 4 percent of them under the age of 25, will lose the valuable opportunity to gain experience in the workplace.

Boudreaux joins host Nick Gillespie to further explain the conundrum in this edition of Reason.TV.

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Double-Teaming Trump

In yet another questionable move to sabotage Donald Trump’s march to the GOP presidential nomination, fellow candidates Ted Cruz and John Kasich have joined forces. Fox News’ Martha MacCallum reports, “Kasich will pull out of Indiana to give Cruz a clear path. While Cruz will pave the way for Kasich in Oregon and New Mexico.” As you would expect, The Donald blasted the new strategy, calling it “collusion and desperation.” Learn more from MacCallum and co-host Bill Hemmer in this episode of “America’s Newsroom.”

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The Conservative About-Face

These are trying times in GOP politics. Just ask political commentator Joe Dan Gorman. “This is the most bizarre time I’ve ever seen,” he says. “We have so-called conservatives–people I’ve admired for years–behaving like liberals. Playing the race card, playing the gender card and now, actually creating blacklists of people who support Trump.” Gorman delves into his ever-truthful Trump Voter Handbook to reveal the machinations of race cards, blacklists, the curious Mr. Cruz and those wacky delegate games in this provocative edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

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Can Trump Beat Hillary?

Statistically, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the most unelectable candidates, according to polling. Trump has a whopping 65 percent unfavorable rating from the electorate, while 56 percent disapprove of Clinton. Fact is, Clinton would be coasting to the White House if it weren’t for the myriad of scandals plaguing her candidacy, the most egregious being her e-mail faux pas. “They are two candidates who are very badly battered, very bad images in the country, but one of them has to win. And it could very well be Donald Trump,” says political insider Dick Morris. He analyzes further in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

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