Pizzagate Censors at Work

The Internet’s leading Pizzagate journalist, David Seaman, says he’s going to remain silent for awhile now that different federal agencies are actively investigating the major Pizzagate allegations — that children are not only being trafficked illegally into and across America, but also have been subjected to gross abuse, including possible loss of life. But before signing off, Seaman offers blistering criticism of Media Matters for America and ThinkProgress for their vicious campaigns seeking to punish journalists who have looked into Pizzagate.

We wholeheartedly echo his sentiments. We ourselves have canceled our TV service to protest the blatant, lying attacks on Pizzagate mounted by alleged TV journalists and commentators. Perhaps we will resume our coverage after the networks cancel  the creepy, anti-child programs run by such vile slimebags as Bill Maher, John Oliver and Stephen Colbert. But then again, the networks have pushed these worthless mountebanks for so long, we’re not exactly expecting a change of heart anytime soon. But if more folks cancel TV contracts, perhaps the networks will be forced to grudgingly consider the sentiments of the American public. What a concept!

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