Libtard Idiots Strike Again

Liberals want Halloween canceled and costumes banned because they’re “offended” by the “cultural appropriation!” Of course, these are the same idiots who want to ban Christmas, Thanksgiving, Columbus Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, you name it. Is there a holiday that doesn’t offend these flaming idiots? Mark Dice reports.

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Leftists and Kevin Spacey

Remember how many times Leftists argued we must always take the word of those victimized by sexual predators, especially rapists? But now that it’s big Hollywood Leftists getting named and charged, folks like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, suddenly the Left has changed its tune. This pisses off Stefan Molyneux and he addresses the growing hypocrisy we’re seeing as folks wise up to the predatory practices, especially against women and kids, rampant in Hollywood — the stinkhole of the Universe.

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Milo Yiannopoulos says Kevin Spacey has committed a cardinal sin — conflating gays and child molesters. Some consider Yiannaopoulos to be a hero for free speech, while others think he is a dangerous provocateur. He joined Good Day LA ahead of his speech at Cal State Fullerton to talk about his thoughts on accusations against Kevin Spacey, his “alt-right” label and more.

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The Russia Dossier Backfires

Steven Crowder is talking all things DNC Trump dossier backfire, Corey Feldman’s new campaign, Bill O’Reilly on God, empty Vaseline containers and more! Special guests Phil Robertson talks about his new show, Lauren Southern discusses her Vox interview, and Kevin Sorbo tells us a naughty story. More from Louder with Crowder.


Paddock’s Missing Hard Drive

Alleged Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock had a laptop in his Mandalay Bay hotel room, but the hard drive is MISSING! Who took it and why? More from waptek0.


Halloween Is Canceled

That’s right. Halloween is getting canceled at many schools run by Liberals because they can’t fathom any holidays, but especially not holidays where kids have fun. Red Pill Black lets us know: “Holidays and politics don’t mix.”

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Meanwhile, we’d like to address the smear campaign that some so-called “alt-right” spokesmen have waged against Red Pill Black’s Candace Owens. These naysayers speak for no one except themselves. Some are bona fide racists. Some are agitators trying to divide conservatives. As a group, they should be shunned or told where to go stick it. Bombard’s Body Language analyzes Candace’s appearance on InfoWars, and we agree with their assessment: She is honest and direct, and need not apologize or cater to her detractors.



Manafort Indictment

Federal investigator Robert Mueller on Monday returned a multiple-point indictment against Paul Manafort. Manafort briefly ran President Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign, but the indictment stemmed from Manafort’s earlier business dealings with Russia and the Ukraine and various business interests from those nations. Dick Morris says the indictment represents a desperate attempt on Mueller’s part to remain relevant.

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Styxhexenhammer666 weighs in, gloating that he correctly predicted an indictment against Manafort with evidence mounting against Tony and John Podesta, the latter of whom ran Hillary Clinton’s Democratic campaign for President. Styx says the indictment suggests Mueller couldn’t find anything of substance to use against the President, so Trump most likely will not be facing charges in this probe.

InfoWars Alex Jones discusses the indictment with former Trump protege and campaign aide Roger Stone. In the same interview, Stone talks about Twitter’s decision to ban him after he got into a public spat with some of the Liberal media twats.

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Finally, Bernie Sanders supporter H.A. Goodman says the indictment of Manafort shows just how little, if any, evidence the Mueller group has found suggesting any connection between Trump and Russia. The ties between the Clintons and Russia are much more pervasive, and damning, especially for Mueller, who still needs to explain his role in the Uranium One scandal.

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Russian Narrative Collapses

The only ones who colluded with Russia were the DNC, the Obama administration & Hillary Clinton. Funny how now that we know who the real traitors were, the mainstream media is totally silent, no longer reporting any of the news, just burying everything to save the hides of their Democratic masters. Paul Joseph Watson reports.

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Jackie O’s Pink Suit

After he assassination of John F. Kennedy on Nov. 23, 1963 in Dallas, Texas, his wife, Jackie Onassis Kennedy,  wore the same, blood-stained pink suit for the next 24 hours to shame the killers, presumably including Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson.  It is no coincidence that he was born and died in Stonewall, Texas!  The pink suit is now in the safekeeping of a museum and will not be available for public viewing until the next century — 2103.

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