YouTube Child Sex Scandal

After months and months of working extensively to demonetize videos controversial to advertisers, YouTube finds itself in the middle of an absolutely revolting child sex scandal. Stefan Molyneux looks at the actions YouTube has taken to oppose alternative media outlets on their platform and justly compares that to the child exploitation related content they have willfully ignored.

We’ll go further. If this is the best that YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki can do, she should just be fired. She’s not only politically biased, but incompetent. Likewise, YouTube’s parent company Google, under Eric Schmidt, has been just as insidious and daft. The dude likes to go party at the annual Burning Man drugfests. Maybe he should just be playing in the mud there, instead of running a major corporation.

Styxhexenhammer666 also says YouTube is starting to take note, mostly because advertisers are squawking about the child sex videos. No one wants to be attached to this scum-bucket material. Interesting how YouTube allowed it to flourish for months without any intervention whatsoever. Creepy stuff — and creepy platform.



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