YouTube Deletes ElsaGate

Facing mounting criticism for running child porn, YouTube has finally lowered the boom and bagged the biggest share of the ElsaGate videos. We have been pointing out these deranged works for many months now, so we’re glad to see this trash disappear. The Honeybee Melissa Zaccaria reports on the mass deletions, apparently involving some 150,000 videos, pretty much all of them full of child porn and gross exploitation.

We’re not sure why YouTube allowed them in the first place. That’s for Congressional committees to determine, and they most definitely should be calling in YouTube’s CEO and leadership to testify.

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Silverman’s New Leaf

Sarah Silverman has turned over a new leaf. She’s no longer frothing at the mouth, spewing hate and venom toward conservatives. She says she took a long tour around the interior of the country and met with scores of the middle-class folks who voted for President Donald Trump. Now, while she’s still a liberal, she says she has a new appreciation for folks on the other side. Greg Gutfeld examines her new love for Trump voters, and wonders whether it’s genuine, or a sham since she has a new show she’s hoping to promote.

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Styx and Lionel: Meet Up

Following their last meet-up from the summer, Styxhexenhammer66 and Lionel Nation get together once again to share their thoughts on burning issues. Here, they spend a fair amount of time on Internet censorship, following closely after YouTube nixed Styx’s channel for a short spell before returning him online. The two also discuss dropping cigarettes. Styx just quit while Lionel Nation bounced the nicotine habit some time ago.

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Prepare Yourselves, Pedophiles

Investigative Journalist Liz Crokin discusses the latest on the indictments that are coming down. The number of indictments is history making. Never have we had close to this many sealed indictments in our country. Crokin believes it is a massive crackdown on corruption and elite pedophilia.

Her background as a White House correspondent for the state department, as an investigative journalist for the Chicago Tribune, and as an investigative journalist covering scandals amongst the elite in Hollywood has given her a backdoor look into the dealings of the elite. She is passionate about taking down the pedophile rings and will not stop until they are shut down.

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More Clinton Corruption

Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino hasn’t held back, calling Hillary Clinton corrupt and “the most deceptive human being.” Doesn’t surprise us in the least. Bongino’s revelations have promoted a major Twitter feud, and now inspired the latest video from The Truth Factory. Meow!

The Port Canaveral Swindle

Uranium One wasn’t the only crooked deal the Clintons negotiated with the Russians. Bill Clinton also pushed a deal that gave the Russians control of Port Canaveral. This deal provided an easy way for the Russians to move cruise missiles right into the American mainland. Bill Clinton might be a former president, but he’s no better than a common criminal surrendering our independence to the highest bidders. Dick Morris reports.

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YouTube Child Sex Scandal

After months and months of working extensively to demonetize videos controversial to advertisers, YouTube finds itself in the middle of an absolutely revolting child sex scandal. Stefan Molyneux looks at the actions YouTube has taken to oppose alternative media outlets on their platform and justly compares that to the child exploitation related content they have willfully ignored.

We’ll go further. If this is the best that YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki can do, she should just be fired. She’s not only politically biased, but incompetent. Likewise, YouTube’s parent company Google, under Eric Schmidt, has been just as insidious and daft. The dude likes to go party at the annual Burning Man drugfests. Maybe he should just be playing in the mud there, instead of running a major corporation.

Styxhexenhammer666 also says YouTube is starting to take note, mostly because advertisers are squawking about the child sex videos. No one wants to be attached to this scum-bucket material. Interesting how YouTube allowed it to flourish for months without any intervention whatsoever. Creepy stuff — and creepy platform.



War on Conservative Media

Peter Barry Chowka provides an important status update on the war against the conservative media, from the embattled conservative talk show host Sean Hannity at Fox News to the members of the New or “honest” media emerging in the alternative media. Peter’s recent columns published at The Hagmann Report and American Thinker have received widespread attention, from Sean Hannity to the President of the United States himself – Donald Trump.

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The World’s Richest Hoax

Many reports lately have cited Amazon owner Jeff Bezos as the world’s richest man. While he is worth $100 billion or more, his wealth can’t begin to match that of the Rothschilds — who control the wealthiest banks and many national currencies as well as diamond and gold mines.

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