Solution to YouTube Censorship

There are many possible solutions to YouTube censorship. Probably the best: Create an alternative platform that is out of the reach of YouTube, Google and the rest of the social media CIA-controlled goon squad. The free market has come up with an answer to the issue of YouTube’s censorship and control by using blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency STEEM as a database that can’t be censored. And, it enables earning rewards from your uploads.!

In this video, Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews Adrien M., the creator of, about his new platform and how this new decentralized video sharing platform could potentially be the nail in the coffin for Google’s most popular website, YouTube. Let’s hope so.

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How do you start to use DTube. Video developer Dr. Tarrin Lupo offers tips. He explains, “This is a 2018 guide to setting up an account and uploading to Dtube. I also share some tips I learned on how to get your videos noticed on Dtube better and uploading tips to make your life easier. Are you tired of being censored, demonized and even having your account removed on other video platforms? Dtube is a decentralized video platform based around the ideas of free speech and no censorship. Never have another video removed or buried by a mysterious algorithm again. Hopefully this video will encourage you to give Dtube a chance.”

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Billionaires Down Under

What do billionaires know that the rest of us don’t? Why are so many of them buying getaways in New Zealand? Is the world facing economic collapse, war, even nuclear holocaust? Lisa Haven says whatever, the powerful are scared and seem to be running to New Zealand. Interesting that both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will be visiting soon.

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Kim Dotcom on Attack

Kim Dotcom has gone on the attack against Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, saying they are responsible for destroying civil liberties in the United States. In a Twitter he issued on Sunday, Dotcom said, “The deep state favored a Clinton presidency because CIA & NSA powers massively expanded under Democrat leadership. They had laxity and wanted to maintain the status quo. The first black President did more harm to your rights than any other President, and he did it with a smile.”

In a related bit of news, Suzie Dawson of New Zealand’s Internet Party has gone silent. H.A. Goodman discusses these bits of news, and the chances they are interconnected.

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Pelosi Proposes “Mow Job”

US Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., doesn’t want President Donald Trump to build a wall between the United States and Mexico. Instead, she proposes “mowing the grass” near the border areas to make it easier to spot illegals. Social media stars Diamond and Silk from the Trump team react to Pelosi’s idea in an interview with Jesse Watters on Fox News.

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Sheriff Wants Censor Powers

Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week on the New World Next Week: Florida sheriff calls for power to detain over social media posts; Congo slides back into bloodshed as new mining royalty law comes in; and Lockheed is in the money with another $35 billion from American taxpayers last year.

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CNN Town Hall Fake News

Talking all things CNN “scripted questions”, angry British cows, Falcon 9, angry feminists and pizza pranks. Nigel Farage stops in to talk Trump in the European Union and Russell Brand run-ins, and Stefan Molyneux swings by to discuss CNN Gun Town Hall, kids in politics and more. It’s Louder with Crowder.