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FBI Linked to Mass Shootings?

Bill Still reports, “I have hesitated and hesitated and hesitated to make this link, but at some point I’m not doing the truth any favors to not mention it as a possibility. There may be a secretive element within the FBI – or possibly not part of the FBI, but working closely with it – that will stop at nothing to help Deep State maintain its power. Unfortunately, that doesn’t just mean like – dirty tricks. I mean stopping at nothing, including a Murder, Inc., sort of system that may on the one hand work to eliminate reporters, but on another hand even be facilitating these mass shootings to serve some perverse political agenda like repeal of the 2nd amendment and the removal of the President.”

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Why the Resignations?

We’ve all heard the naysayers who charge that Q-Anon is nothing but an elaborate fraud. But if that’s the case, why have more than 1,500 corporate CEOS, board members and financial officers resigned around the world in recent months? Are they all just feeling independently all at once, or are they quitting before the heat hits and their businesses get charged with fraud and criminal negligence? In other news discussed on this edition of Destroying the Illusion, Ecuador has cut Julian Assange’s Internet connection, apparently in response to his questions regarding the leader of Catalonia. Also, FBI Director Christopher Wray has assigned 27 additional staff to comply with subpoena information sought by Bob Goodlatte, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. There also has been a swirl of activity around the arrest of Keith Raniere, linked to sex trafficking charges.

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Lionel Nation also discusses the latest Q-Drop, saying Potus means business. This portends doom for those who trifle with our democracy. Enemies of our beloved republic are sweating bullets.

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Jerome Corsi offers one of his detailed breakdowns and discussions of the Q-Anon posts. What do they signify and mean?

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Support the Parkland Students

Paul Joseph Watson says he supports the Parkland students, and you should, too. The more militant and crazier the gun control movement gets, the better Republicans will do in the mid-term elections. The fact is: The public has never supported any of these movements aimed at depriving Americans of their gun rights, So hats off to the little Nazi and all of his Fascist Liberal friends.

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Have You Taken the Red Pill?

Citing the movie The Matrix, Candace Owens says she “took the red pill,” waking up to see that conventional wisdom as wrong. John Stossel reports.

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Why Outrage Culture Matters

The opposition of politically incorrect ideas and intellectually challenging arguments has not only hindered political debate – but the world of stand-up comedy.

Comic Dave Smith joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss his evolution as a comedian, the power of speaking previously unspoken truths, the disappearance of the anti-war left, the defense of sacred cows, leftist hypocritical standards and much much more! Smith is a stand-up comedian, political commentator, co-host of “The Legion of Skanks” podcast and host of the Part of the Problem podcast.

Why I Stopped Being Vegan

Blaire White spent 10 years as a vegan but now has started eating meat and cheese again. Here, she explains her life choices — what led her to become a vegan and why she decided to give it up.

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Dirt to Come on Alefantis

Titus Frost is back on YouTube and reports, “I have gotten my hands on some new Instagram images from the private account of James Alefantis. This child porn-hosting pedophile was dumb enough to accept a friend request from a fan of my show. Great work to this random fan.”

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Why Is Kim Jung Un in China?

National security expert Dr. Steve Pieczenik provides his expert analysis on Kim Jong Un’s trip to China.

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The Pro-Gun Kid

Meet the Pro-Gun Kid — the one representative of his generation that CNN wishes it had never invited on the air or introduced to the public. Says HighImpactFlix, “This kid is no nonsense.” Good to see someone his age sticking up for his rights, instead of blindly offering to give up their rights and get screwed and tattooed by the ruling Globalist elites!

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KPOP Banned Dances

Television in South Korea is much more restrictive than in the United States. Korea’s biggest broadcasting companies has strict rules and standards on what lyrics and dances moves can be performed. If they feel a dance move is too explicit, Idols Groups must change it in order to perform. Here’s a look at dances that were deemed inappropriate for live stage, therefore, the moves or the props or costumes got changed. In some cases, they don’t change everything but the camera will focus elsewhere during those moves. It’s important to note that not all channels banned these dance move, each broadcasting company is different to the other.

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