More Democratic Coercion

The Democratic Party just keeps turning more backward and corrupt. Destroying the Illusion tells how the party now tries to boot out candidates if they can’t bring a boatload of cash to the Democratic National Committee. In this edition, Jordan Sather also discloses how his web page keeps getting hacked, seemingly by individuals seeking to shut him up. He also discusses:

  • Bizarre conspiracy theories that are actually true;
  • The Strzok-Page email texts being handed over to Congress;
  • The latest Q-Anon posts.
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In a followup, Sather gets into new postings from Q-Anon that seem to indicate Mike Flynn could be cleared of charges lodged against him that he lied to Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. We certainly hope so, because Mueller’s probe is one of the phoniest investigations we’ve ever seen launched at the federal level.  Sather also discusses how Deep State “bad actors” have been using G-mail to create draft letters that their cohorts can access.

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Sather has been extremely busy. Here is a third video he released. It discloses how wealthy Democratic donors from New York and Silicon Valley paid $50 million apiece to fund the Trump-Russia collusion probe. That’s right. This was no legitimate government probe at all but just a massive smokescreen mounted by a bunch of rich Democratic hacks. In other ew, two Broward COunty sheriff’s deputies have mysteriously died since the Parkland school massacre. Ands, what’s with Kate Middleton dressing like Mia Farrow from Rosemary’s Baby?

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