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Southern Tossed in Australia

Lauren Southern walks into a Muslim “no go”zone in Sydney, Australia, and the police toss her out. She doesn’t commit any crimes or offenses, she’s just a non-Muslim and doesn’t belong. This is why we do not want more Muslims in the United States. We cannot have areas carved out exclusively for members of a religious sect, and particularly not one as backward as this.

Q Is Back!

And the Deep State is getting dismantled. It might be happening more slowly than most of us wished, but it is happening, and should continue for the coming years, providing we keep the Democrats away from the seat of power. Here’s more from Destroying the Illusion.

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James Gunn Pedo Tweets

Pedophiles are back! And Ashton Birdie goes through the now deleted James Gunn tweets to show how these child diddlers are ruining Hollywood.

The Quartering is focusing on the vile Dan Harmon video display and his obnoxious Leftist prattle. The conclusion, “Dan Harmon is on the run. Rick and Morty future in question?”

Meanwhile, YouTube delivered a community strike against RandomRantsOfRyan for his video on the Pizzagate sisters working for Troma Films. Looks like YouTube is running a protection service for pedophiles. How about the kids, you Liberal twits! YouTube/Google deserves a stock hit like Facebook, losing 20 percent or more of their value. They are becoming a worthless debaser of free speech, only protecting criminals and scam artists.

Ocasio-Cortez Parody Miffs Left

Allie Stuckey is under attack for a parody she created that pokes fun of the dimwitted Leftist socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Leftists are calling it “fake news,” but Stuckey says it’s clearly a parody, part of a longstanding political tradition not only in the United States, but across the globe. Here, she appears on Fox with Tucker Carlson.

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Hollywood Pedos and Pizzagate

How are the Hollywood “pedo” tweeters connected to Comet Ping Pong, the nightclub in Washington, D.C., that was the epicenter of the Pizzagate revelations? Yes, there is a very direct connection between the two, shown here by RandomRantsofRyan. And yes, these scandals are real — not matter how many times the lying media covers up for the Satanists or tries to assert that nothing is happening. We now have Pizzagate and Pedogate. Coming up next, the truth behind Pedovores — depraved Satanists who not only prey upon children, but devour them.

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RandomRantsofRyan offered this followup video that delves into the Satanic connections of Troma Films. Pizzagate, Troma films, Tony Podesta, Satanism, Its all connected!!

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