Monthly Archives: October 2018

Troops Mobilize Along Border

More than 5000 US military troops have been dispatched to the southern border to help defend the United States from an invasion by the caravan composed of Latin American migrants from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Gen. Terrence O’Shaughnessy, a commander with the North American Aerospace Defense Command, discusses the military preparations. Bill Still reports.

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The Assassination Zone

What gets American presidents assassinated? Why are all of those who speak out against the Federal Reserve targeted? Black Pigeon speaks.

NPC Meme Triggers the Left

The Truth Factory discusses why the NPC meme triggers the Left. The reality: All memes trigger the Left. They just can’t meme. Requires some thinking, creativity and independence.

House Balanced on Razor’s Edge

Republicans are going to make gains in the US Senate, but the House remains balanced on a razor’s edge, says Dick Morris. Republicans could hold or Democrats gain control, but neither party is likely to enjoy breakaway margins.

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We first called both the Senate and House races for the Republicans in SR 2408 published 11 days ago. Our prediction was a 54-46 split in the incoming Senate and the narrowest of margins in the House. Now everyone else is starting to see the light. The real red tide is getting harder and harder to hide. Look at this shocking analysis by RealClearPolitics. RCP is still calling for a +5 mob victory in the House, but this is to be expected. They will hold out hopes for a mob victory until the red tide is just impossible to ignore. More from Bill Still.

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Here, former New Hampshire Gov. Bill Sununu gives his Senate and House predictions in an interview with Bill O’Reilly. Sununu believes Republicans will pick up 2-3 Senate seats and hold the House, although by only a slim margin — perhaps five seats.

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