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Clintons Linked to Pedophiles

Liz Crokin has been banned from Twitter. She believes she is being barred because of her research into the Clinton Foundation and its many connections with pedophiles. Here, she talks about how the Clinton Foundation is involved with child sex trafficking.

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One of the sources describing the child pornography and child trafficking is a woman formerly from McMinnville, Oregon, who says she was married to a man called the Baby King. Now dead, he was involved in creating child porn. The woman says police in McMinnville and sheriff’s deputies are not only aware of what he did, but participated. She herself was jailed for a long stretch of time and her children removed from her. Here are two interviews she did over the summer with the Honeybee,  Mellisa Zaccaria.

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And, here is new Periscope broadcast from the same whistleblower, using the handle “Panther Eyez 7.” God watch over her and safeguard her from evil.

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