The Mysterious Taos Compound

Welcome back to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This closing-of-the-year episode, the two examine some of the biggest stories of 2018. Media Monarchy opens with the Taos Compound, the strange Muslim complex outside Taos possibly linked to terrorist bombings. James Corbett takes a look at the controlled demolition of social media.

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What’s Going Down in Paris?

Says Truthstream Media, “We were headed through the area to film for our next set of documentaries and ended up unavoidably right in the middle of this, so we made this mini documentary. The French Revolution of 1789 was a documented secret society creation with the express purpose to fundamentally change society and the world… if it’s being said this is a French Revolution Redux, consider the goal of steering what started as a legitimate protest into something bigger and badder… and what will be changed this time.”

Best of CNN 2018

With the old year drawing to a close, Mark Dice takes a look at the most egregious and asinine clips showing CNN’s flagrant Leftism in 2018. Has there ever been a “news” station like CNN that packs more politicizing and lying into every phase of news reporting? They’ve taken a once-honorable profession and turned it into a phony sham.

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And here is Mark Dice’s companion piece — the best from Little Brian Stelter.

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Could Lawn Get Mowed?

Gavin McInnes has made scores of episodes of Get Off My Lawn, but he says this one might be the last. Like Alex and Milo, he’s been a target of the PC censors and been driven off every social media outlet now except YouTube. His days there are probably numbered as the Leftists continue to try to ban all conservative content.

Fascist pigs! They’re all popping high off adrenochrome! You laugh, but think about it. Why did Google name their search engine “Chrome?” They say the name was inspired by hot cars. Sure, keep lying, Leftist clowns!

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