Biggy Smollett

Jussie Smollett, the Chicago actor who staged his own hate crime, faces a new investigation ordered by a Cook County, Illinois, judge. The two Nigerian men he hired to stage the attack are suing Smollett’s legal team , saying they were paid by the now fired Empire actor.

Meanwhile, in Oregon, some Republican state senators left for Idaho so they could skip out on a vote — a move that angered Oregon’s Democratic governor Kate Brown. Wikipedia identifies Brown as the first openly LGBT elected governor in the United States. Perhaps so, but judging from her looks, you have to wonder if she’s really openly bisexual or just a homely transgender. More from In Pursuit of Truth.

Kate Brown


Sean Ono Lennon, the son of John Lennon, has caused a stir by denouncing political correctness for ruining Leftist politics. “When I was young the most interesting people were left wing intellectuals,” he tweeted. “Believe it or not.” McAllister TV discusses the pathetic Leftists in this video also dealing with Trump derangement. Speaking of Trump’s detractors, she says, “The loudest have the most to hide.” They are the true scum buckets — the traffickers and dealers, cannibals and baby killers.

The Honeycomb Decode reveals massive HRC news! In a two-part series, Area 17 Ground Zero brings us the art of the Decode. What hidden messages were revealed in the POTUS haircut? It’s massive, and involves Hillary, Google, Facebook, and the mass shootings at Virginia Beach — all linked! This is only the beginning. In part two, this series yields our biggest revelation ever on this channel — assassination attempts against President Donald Trump, one seemingly involving Mike Pence!

We Are The News Now. Here at Area 17, we have been on top of the HOAX since Day 1. Accuracy in reporting has, and always will be 2nd to none.

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Massive new expose from Project Veritas exposing bias at a MAJOR tech company that basically controls the internet and it’s just as bad as we thought. Also Pres. Trump claps back at Iran with new sanctions, Devin Nunes updates us on his suit against Twitter, Gen. Flynn is back in court with what could be a stunning development and more scenes from the greatest movie ever made. More from RedPill78.

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Most days, The X22 Report produces two videos — one on finances, and another on social and political issues.  We typically run the latter video but seldom the financial one. Today. we’re carrying the financial report. Why? Because it gives a good synopsis of the new system that President Donald Trump is moving toward — one that will end the role of the central banks in dictating policy to the United States. There are many details still to be learned, but this summary will get you started — and, hopefully, thinking along the lines of where we are actually heading. The title of the video: The New Economy Was Just Announced, Did You Catch It?

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