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Keep your eye on the Democrat out of Georgia — Stacey Abrams. In Pursuit of Truth says the New York Times and other Liberal knuckleheads are quietly pushing Abrams forward, perhaps to see if she can run for President in 2020 and pull the Democratic Party out of its morass. One clue: She was the only Democrat to attend this year’s Bilderberg meetings. Otherwise, In Pursuit of Truth underscores just how important that Republicans have developed full control of the Senate. Also, the three districts with the highest number of sex trafficking cases all are Democratic cities with large ports — New York City, Baltimore and Miami.

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The [Deep State] has lost the narrative. The patriots have them surrounded on the information war front. The [DS] players are panicking because they know that this is a matter of time before the investigations are brought out into the open. Rep from Arizona shines a light on the border propaganda. Peace is coming to Afghanistan. Q drops more bread. Voter ID coming soon. Investigations about to break. Whitaker drops a bombshell. Watch the news. More from the X22 Report.

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New posts, Dems meeting with El Chapo’s wife, Baltimore stealing Federal funds and Barr amends immigration laws for the better. Also FBI/DOJ working for Clinton under former Admin. More from RedPill78.

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New Q Posts! Voter fraud traps! The hunters become the hunted! More from McAllister TV.

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Shocking footage! Red Cross scam exposed! Zero percent of your donations make it to those in need! More from Area 17 Ground Zero.

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Giulani Warns: Epstein Taint

The president’s lawyer and former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giulani breaks down the Epstein case and expects many people to be implicated throughout the legal process. He advises those who took part to begin to come forward and tell what they know. More from The Hill.

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Maxwell: The Downfall

Let’s meet Robert Maxwell, the father of Ghislaine Maxwell, one of Jeffrey Epstein’s primary procurers of young girls. At one time, he portrayed himself as the chief rival of Rupert Murdoch. Robert Maxwell not only bought the Daily Mirror, a pro-Labour tabloid in Great Britain, but he owned a publishing empire, including the Pergamon Press, publishing scientific reports and journals, MacMillan, the Berlitz language schools, even the New York Daily News.

But as time progressed, his empire crumbled and news circulated that he was a possible spy, not only for MI6, the British secret agency, but also Mossad, connected with Israel, and the Russian KGB. He died on Nov. 5, 1991, supposedly drowning, after falling off his yacht the Lady Ghislaine off the Canary Islands.

Here is a 1996 British documentary on him called Maxwell: The Downfall. It’s a riveting work, exploring his Czech origins, work during WWII and his fascination with young girls.

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CNN and Cummings Exposed!

Thank you CNN for your latest laughable attack against the President. More from David Harris Jr.

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Victor Blackwell, a black CNN anchor and Baltimore native, took personal offense to Donald Trump’s tweets about his hometown. It appears as if the word “infested” that Trump used to describe Baltimore’s rodent problem struck Blackwell to his core. He went on about a 4 or 5 minute rant about how “racist” Trump’s words were. Blackwell also linked this “attack” to other members of Congress that happen to be “people of color” for what appears to be “evidence” of Trump’s “racism.”

The reality here is that Donald Trump told the truth about Baltimore. Sometimes the truth is ugly and when it’s ugly, it usually hurts. If a person lies, that lie is less likely to cause a person pain to the point where they lose their composure and “cry” on air like Victor Blackwell did. Black residents of the particular part of Baltimore that Trump was referring to – Elijah Cummings district – agreed with what Trump said and did not think it was racist. They appreciate someone actually taking notice rather than trying to sweep the problem under the rug as most politicians in Maryland do. More from Anthony Brian Logan.

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Paul Joseph Watson dives into the rat-infested mess. Orange man still bad.

Here’s why Trump’s comments about Baltimore were BOTH true and politically brilliant! More from Dr. Steve Turley.

Baltimore: One of America’s worst places to live. Crime, pollution and lots of rats holding their political offices for far too long! #Trump #Baltimore #WeAreBaltimore. More from Zeducation.

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Big Tech Censorship

This episode of The Candace Owens Show is all about Big Tech censorship. Candace sits down with YouTube personality Paul Joseph Watson, who was banned from Facebook, on why bias by social media platforms is the greatest threat to freedom of speech today.

The Media’s Double Standards

Over the past week we have been embroiled in another Donald Trump Tweet story pertaining to Elijah Cummings district in Baltimore and we know the media loves running wall to wall press about Trump’s tweets.

Interestingly, however, Bernie Sanders has similar tweets and statements which never caught the ire of the media and the left. Perhaps this is because Trump is much more bombastic and aggressive, but even if that were true, the media, left, and far left are now arguing about the substance of the tweet and not the character.|

If Bernie and Trump both say Baltimore is bad for many reasons then why would the media ignore Bernie’s presumably incorrect assessment but call out trump for being wrong?

To me this shows the clear bias against the president but mostly it shows the desire for the coveted ‘Trump Bump.’

The media knows they get a ratings boost when they complain about the president so they take any opportunity to go after him, even if they know its a distraction from bigger issues, even if they know Trump is playing them and they are taking the bait. More from Tim Pool.

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The Gadsden Flag Defined

The American Gadsden flag, or Don’t Tread on Me flag, has been portrayed by the far left as divisive, racist and promoting terrorism after recent events. But many believe that it means “leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone,” or “I will attack if you attack.” However you interpret it, it was more than a flag and a motto. It was a symbol of America and her colonies. Host William McNeill of The Daily Shooter explains.

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The Wussification of America

The liberal practice of promoting arbitrary self-esteem or impeding coping skills is becoming so widespread, many are calling it the wussification of America. Actions such as trophies for all, not keeping score in ballgames, wearing helmets on the soccer field, and on and on, has conservatives in a tizzy. Libertarian pundit John Stossel debates both sides of the issue in this edition of Liberty Pen.

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