Finding The Finders

Child abduction, kiddie porn, ritual abuse and slavery…All in a day’s work for the CIA. More from Jamie Dlux.

To read the full FBI records, released this past Friday, visit:

The FBI released documents from investigations surrounding a group called the Finders. These documents, formerly classified, shed light on the events that took place in Florida in 1987 as well as the connection the group may have to the intelligence community. More from Mister Metokur.

If you would rather start your research on the Finders with a shorter video, here is a good five-minute piece by Lions Republic Entertainment. He notes, “The FBI has released records on The Finders, a child trafficking cult with a possible government connection.”

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One thing the Finders release will do? Make people suddenly less skeptical of Alex Jones. Because Jones has been talking about the reality of these kinds of cases for years, while the mainstream media blithely slept through the news, failing to provide any hint whatsoever of the depravities being committed by the CIA. More from Vincent James of The Red Elephants.

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