Styx Begins Bitchute Exclusives

Styxhexenhammer666 has had it with the never-ending censorship and algorithmic manipulations that occur all the time on YouTube. Starting today, Styx will be releasing one of his four daily videos exclusively on Bitchute. This will be a video that won’t appear at all on YouTube, and will only be available to Styx followers on Bitchute.

We now use Bitchute to conduct most of our research for Call Me Stormy. And we are sprinkling in Bitchute videos among the YouTube videos that are still predominant on our site. We would prefer to be exclusively Bitchute but WordPress — the platform on which Call Me Stormy can be found — makes it tough to use any material except what’s on YouTube. Hopefully, WordPress will improve its platform and make Bitchute videos just as accessible as those on YouTube.

The sooner we can leave YouTube behind, the better. It’s a platform that used to be a lot of fun and actually quite good, but then Google got control and now it’s just a Leftist charade.

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