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Deep State Has Run Out Of Time

The [Deep State] is running out of time. They are trying to impeach before the indictments are unsealed. Barr and Durham are further along than previously thought. The resolution that Pelosi is pushing is going to be voted on. Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi have no evidence and the witnesses they have been calling have no evidence to give. The entire sham is falling apart. Flynn’s case falling apart, Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell has pushed the Mueller team to the edge and they are about to fold. This entire process has been exposed to the public. Enjoy the show. More from the X22 Report.

It’s Habbening! Saving the best for last, RedPill78 encapsulates the latest flurry of news: Jeffrey Epstein murdered, Vindman’s Ukraine manipulations, indictments coming, the House and its cryptic impeachment charade. Hope everyone has stored a large wintertime supply of popcorn!

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Matrix 5! Follow the wives! Roseanne shines! Now comes the pain! More from McAllister TV.

Finding The Finders

Child abduction, kiddie porn, ritual abuse and slavery…All in a day’s work for the CIA. More from Jamie Dlux.

To read the full FBI records, released this past Friday, visit:

The FBI released documents from investigations surrounding a group called the Finders. These documents, formerly classified, shed light on the events that took place in Florida in 1987 as well as the connection the group may have to the intelligence community. More from Mister Metokur.

If you would rather start your research on the Finders with a shorter video, here is a good five-minute piece by Lions Republic Entertainment. He notes, “The FBI has released records on The Finders, a child trafficking cult with a possible government connection.”

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One thing the Finders release will do? Make people suddenly less skeptical of Alex Jones. Because Jones has been talking about the reality of these kinds of cases for years, while the mainstream media blithely slept through the news, failing to provide any hint whatsoever of the depravities being committed by the CIA. More from Vincent James of The Red Elephants.

Kanye: Christian Or Fraud?

Steven Crowder examines the buzz around Kanye West’s recent conversion experience and his new album “Jesus is King” and answers the question in everyone’s mind: is Kanye genuine or is he a fraud? More from Louder with Crowder.

Verified: Epstein Murdered!

Forensic pathologist Michael Baden verifies what we already knew: Jeffrey Epstein was murdered. Baden has a distinguished track record: He served as chairman of the House Select Committee on Assassinations’ Forensic Pathology Panel that investigated the killing of President John F. Kennedy. While we all know Epstein was murdered, the question remains: Which of his miserable, rich, child-diddling “associates” committed the crime? Or was it perhaps a nation that had employed him as an espionage agent and decided, after his arrest, that he was too hot? More from Lionel Nation.

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Famous Doctor Michael Baden made new claims about Jeffrey Epstein recently stating that autopsy evidence does NOT point to Epstein ending his own life but of someone ending it for him.

Obviously this is YouTube so I can’t use certain words but you get the idea. More from Tim Pool.

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The United Spot gives us the two Jeffrey Epstein options — suicide or murder.

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Still considered suicide? Right!!! More from Ovation Eddie.

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For those with the time and interest to dive in deeper, Jason Bermas takes an in-depth look at Michael Baden’s conclusions. Summing up, Bermas says, “Coroner destroys official narrative.”

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The Taboos of Science

It’s evident that society has its hangups, such as how people look, what they do and what they believe. But taboos are no joke, they’re powerful  things, especially in the field of science, where they can keep issues from being studied or even talked about. SciShow’s Hank Green takes a closer look at some of the taboos that have plagued scientific inquiry in the past and others that still exist today.

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YouTube’s Dark Secrets Revealed

Everybody knows YouTube hasn’t been playing fair lately. They routinely deal from a marked deck. Their aim: To censor, blackball or play down content that doesn’t fit their Leftist parameters. In other words, they’ve got a hard-on against Christians as well as conservatives. Of course, they always deny it, but the facts speak for themselves. Now, we are beginning to learn how precisely YouTube manipulates its algorithms using P-scores. The Quartering explains, “This is a pretty interesting story. I’ve known about P-Score for a very long time in terms of advertising but some of this other stuff is pretty bad.”

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The Quartering cites research done by a creator called Optimus who uncovered the P-score manipulations. Says Optimus, “Finally, after so much time as a community spent wondering if we were crazy, we’ve got solid evidence to show that YouTube has been up to no good.” YouTube already is trying to hide the truth. Never believe Google or any of its lowly subsidiaries. They are all Leftists and liars. Here is the P-score document he put together with Bowblax and other gamers:

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It didn’t take YouTube long — less than a day — to create a patch to block the ability of creators to discover their own P-score. No doubt, the P-score still exists, you just can’t see it anymore, or discover your own rating, or try to ascertain how YouTube is censoring or throttling videos. Here, Bowblax discusses what YouTube is trying to hide from you.

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What’s the end result of YouTube’s secret monkeyshines? They are out to screw over smaller, independent creators — exactly the ones who gave YouTube its following in the early days. Need an example. Listen as Nerdette’s Newstand discusses “How YouTube Has Silenced Me.”

Nerdette’s Newstand isn’t even an overt conservative or Christian channel. Just a place where the channel’s creator, Tristan, gives her opinions on comics, social media and the “nerd culture.”

This is not at all an isolated account. The YouTube Leftists resemble the Nazis or Mussolini’s Italian Fascists. The only difference? Their moves are aimed at benefiting the Chinese Communists, and druggy programming swine in California. Time to shoot them down and break up these evil social media companies.

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Styx Begins Bitchute Exclusives

Styxhexenhammer666 has had it with the never-ending censorship and algorithmic manipulations that occur all the time on YouTube. Starting today, Styx will be releasing one of his four daily videos exclusively on Bitchute. This will be a video that won’t appear at all on YouTube, and will only be available to Styx followers on Bitchute.

We now use Bitchute to conduct most of our research for Call Me Stormy. And we are sprinkling in Bitchute videos among the YouTube videos that are still predominant on our site. We would prefer to be exclusively Bitchute but WordPress — the platform on which Call Me Stormy can be found — makes it tough to use any material except what’s on YouTube. Hopefully, WordPress will improve its platform and make Bitchute videos just as accessible as those on YouTube.

The sooner we can leave YouTube behind, the better. It’s a platform that used to be a lot of fun and actually quite good, but then Google got control and now it’s just a Leftist charade.