Our Weird Solar System

Since the early 1990s, scientists manned with powerful telescopes have discovered close to 3,500 exoplanets and research suggests that every star has at least one planet.  So it appears that our solar system is not that special. Or are we?

It seems that mysteries abound in our solar system and out of thousands of other systems, none look quite like ours. For starters, the size of planets don’t vary in size in one system. From tiny Mercury to monstrous Jupiter, the planets in our system vary wildly.

In addition, other system have at least one Super Earth–an Earthlike planet with slightly more mass. There is no such object in our solar system. So our solar system has left us with an abundance of mysteries. Fortunately, we are starting to get to the bottom of them thanks to computer simulations. SciShow Space host Reid Reimers helps unravel the mystery.

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