Democrats To Acquit Trump

H.A. Goodman says a handful of Democrats will join the vast majority of Republicans to acquit President Donald Trump in the absurb impeachment trial now under way in the U.S. Senate. Which Democrats? Goodman mentions three in particular: Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Doug Jones of Alabama and Kyrstein Sinema of Arizona.

Also, he says he would not be surprised if Dianne Feinstein of California votes to acquit, which would be quite significant, given her role as the ranking Democratic member on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Of course, after saying she might vote to acquit, Feinstein later reversed course. Someone obviously got to her!

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Another reason to acquit Trump? Much of the impeachment is a sham to cover up illegal acts by the Democrats, and particularly former Vice President Joe Biden, in the Ukraine. In his new Common Sense series, the president’s friend and lawyer Rudy Giuliani says there were at least two major bribes paid in the Ukraine. One we know about and the other that Giuliani will prove , showing documents and calling witnesses from the Ukraine in the months ahead.

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Tim Pool says impeachment has been a massive failure from the start. Even during the trial, the Las Vegas oddsmakers have been raising the odds that President Donald Trump completes his first term. In other words, the oddsmakers see Trump being victorious and the Democrats going home in defeat. Now, the longer impeachment continues, the more likely the Democrats will suffer.

The Democrats seem destined to lose but at least a few of them are wising up. Dr. Steve Turley talks about a new article he found, declaring that impeachment is killing Trump derangement syndrome. In other words, some Democrats are realizing just how crazed and bizarre they have appeared to the rest of us!


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