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Senate Trial Created A Trap

The [Deep State] already knows they lost the fake impeachment. The entire Mueller case against Flynn is falling apart and the patriots have trapped the D’s and they don’t even know it. They have no step 5 so they are going to try to throw everything they have at Trump. Q dropped more bread, Flynn in [30]. Whistleblower — ah hem, Ciaramelli — is going to be revealed. The patriots setup was incredible. More from the X22 Report.

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The Department of Justice is backing down on Michael Flynn. The Ukraine is filing charges against Uncle Joe Biden. Also: new video from Lindsey Graham and a hot mic situation where a bunch of reporters talk about why Adam Schiff is such an unrepentant liar. More from RedPill78.

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Q has said more than once: The Future proves the Past. JustInformed Talk takes a deep dive to see how that maxim holds true. Besides deciphering the latest words from Q, there’s also a look at some of the new agencies emerging in our federal government, for instance, the US Space Force.

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Are you ready to be the news? Craig Mason says now that the mainstream media has proven to be so biased, corrupt and obsolete, the task of spreading genuine news rests in the hands of millions of digital soldiers and patriots. Here, he explains what that might entail.

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The Blackberries Are The Key

We’ve all heard about Hunter Biden’s overseas escapades in the Ukraine, Romania and China. The crack-smoking scofflaw was making millions of dollars on sweetheart deals with foreign companies — all essentially “buying” the good graces of Vice President Joe Biden.

Turns out this was an all-too-common arrangement. The secret in Washington: With the politicians all being scrutinized and watched to see if they were involved in conflicts of interest, they put their kids to work to bring home the bacon. This way, they could cut monster deals and reap the spoils without any investigations or criminal indictments occurring, and without the press paying any attention whatsoever. The details of how this scam worked is laid out in the new Peter Schweizer book Profiles in Corruption.

Besides Joe Biden collecting spoils through Hunter Biden’s bounty, you had Nancy Pelosi with her son Paul Pelosi Jr. serving as president and chief operating officer for Viscoil, a California-based energy company. It’s reportedly under investigation on securities fraud charges. Some have drawn connections tying the company to the Ukraine, but those connections remain a bit shady at this point.

You had John Kerry racking in the dough through his stepson, Christopher Heinz, who co-owned Rosemont Seneca Partners, a $2.4 billion private equity firm. Heinz’s college roommate, Devon Archer, was the managing partner in that firm, and served with Hunter Biden on the board of Burisma.

To show this wasn’t strictly a Democratic scam, Mitt Romney also might have been doing the same kinds of covert deals in the Ukraine and elsewhere. Not only were his children involved, but also a former aide, Joseph Cofer Black, was hired to lead Burisma’s security and strategic development efforts.

Here, Washington DC-based investigative reporter George Webb says all of these highly paid children were carrying military encrypted Blackberries configured and programmed by Matt Gonter, a Navy veteran with cryptology expertise. Webb explains a bit about Gonter and his sister Tina Gonter, a whistleblower who testified before Congress on irregularities in the building of nuclear submarines. Webb also gets into the politician kids’ Ukraine dealings that led them to become involved with both Russian and Chinese gangsters. It’s a challenge to follow all the connections, but also riveting and revealing.

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Underground War In Progress

Here is an update on DUMBs — otherwise known as Deep Underground Military Bases. The public knows about a few of these bases, for instance, the Cheyenne Mountain Complex near Colorado Springs in Colorado.

But there are many of these dark sites around the nation, bases that have gone undetected and unknown to the public. Some are small and compact, while others as large as cities, full of subterranean shafts and underground chambers.

In the worst of these bases, trafficked children have been kept and tortured, not only subjected to sexual abuse but often killed, even eaten by fiends. Now, the U.S. Marines and Army have been “cleaning out” these operations, spending more than $500 million to venture underground to destroy the DUMBs, rescue any captive children and return the rule of law across America.

Here’s a an update on these bases, and new units like the U.S. Army’s Asymmetric Warfare Group, along with Gene Decode and Rick Rene from B2T, or Blessed To Teach.

Here is a documentary describing the DUMBs program with an extensive interview with Linda Moulton Howe. She is an Albuquerque-based investigative journalist, well known for her research into cattle mutilations, conspiracy theories, UFOs and the DUMBs, including Dulce in New Mexico.

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In the modern battlefield, troops might have to fight an enemy in the vast subways and water systems underneath huge cities, or in the pitch-black tunnels guarding the North Korean defensive line. A new U.S. Army program aims to get them ready. From the Military Times.

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Is The National Anthem Racist?

The Star-Spangled Banner, long a treasured symbol of national unity, has suddenly become “one of the most racist, pro-slavery songs” in American culture. Why is this happening? And more importantly, is it true? USA Today columnist James Robbins explores the history of the song and its author to answer these questions. More from PragerU.

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Virus Admissions Escalating

Update on the CoronaVirus sweeping China. Sarah Westall of Business Game Changers says 32,000 flu patients were admitted to Chinese hospitals in the Wuhan vicinity on Monday. She derived that figure from her Chinese sources and from Chinese State media. This coronavirus outbreak is a very serious issue and should be taken seriously.

Styxhexenhammer666 urges listeners to engage in a little basic prepping. No, you don’t need to have a full-year’s worth of food in a storm cellar bunker. But it wouldn’t hurt to have a month’s worth of beans, rice, peanut butter, purified water. In other words, the basics to handle any emergency. Otherwise,he discusses some of the latest coronavirus cases of note — the illness that befell a Japanese bus driver and a German businessman. This does look like a disease that could linger quite some time.

The Communist goons who run China are cracking down on citizens who openly discuss the coronavirus. Alternate new sources or people who make videos or Tweets can spend up to seven years in jail for upsetting the communists. The reality is even worse: Many who land in jail will never again see the light of day. They will be beaten, tortured and abused, some even killed, their organs harvested by the brutal Communists. More from Lisa Haven.

CNBC’s “Power Lunch” team discusses the possible economic impact of the coronavirus with Alexis Crow of Price Waterhouse Coopers. The Chinese government has announced it is closing both the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges. The markets are expected to reopen next week, likely on Monday, although that could change if conditions grow worse.

In addition to the stock markets, Google announced it is closing all of its offices in China for the time being.

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Given the continued spread of the Wuhan coronavirus, Peak Prosperity urgently reached out to John Barry, author of the award-winning New York Times best-seller The Great Influenza: The Epic Story of the Deadliest Plague in History.

Two years ago, we interviewed John about the expected implications should a pandemic of similar scale break out in today’s world. Little did we realize at the time how quickly his insights would prove relevant.

John was the only non-scientist to serve on the US government’s Infectious Disease Board of Experts and has served on advisory boards for MIT’s Center for Engineering System Fundamentals and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. He has consulted on influenza preparedness and response to national security entities, the George W. Bush and Obama White Houses, state governments, and the private sector.

John remains quite concerned at how the world’s readiness for a pandemic is woefully lacking, exacerbated by the hyper-connectedness of our modern society (i.e., the ease and speed with with people can travel).

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We Are Never Coming Back

As Great Britain prepares to leave the European Union later tonight, Nigel Farage delivers a fiery speech to the EU arliament, declaring “Once we’ve left, we are never coming back.” Farage, the leader of the Brexit Party, led the long and passionate fight to remove England from the EU. The agency silenced him for breaking their rules while giving this speech.

Nigel: You are a hero in our book! Take a stand! Speak freely forever more!

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Brexit is getting closer and closer, and now the instrument of ratification – the document that legally formalizes the UK’s withdrawal – has been signed and deposited with the EU. This step ensures that the UK has fulfilled its legal obligations regarding the exit from the European Union.

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Democrats To Acquit Trump

H.A. Goodman says a handful of Democrats will join the vast majority of Republicans to acquit President Donald Trump in the absurb impeachment trial now under way in the U.S. Senate. Which Democrats? Goodman mentions three in particular: Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Doug Jones of Alabama and Kyrstein Sinema of Arizona.

Also, he says he would not be surprised if Dianne Feinstein of California votes to acquit, which would be quite significant, given her role as the ranking Democratic member on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Of course, after saying she might vote to acquit, Feinstein later reversed course. Someone obviously got to her!

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Another reason to acquit Trump? Much of the impeachment is a sham to cover up illegal acts by the Democrats, and particularly former Vice President Joe Biden, in the Ukraine. In his new Common Sense series, the president’s friend and lawyer Rudy Giuliani says there were at least two major bribes paid in the Ukraine. One we know about and the other that Giuliani will prove , showing documents and calling witnesses from the Ukraine in the months ahead.

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Tim Pool says impeachment has been a massive failure from the start. Even during the trial, the Las Vegas oddsmakers have been raising the odds that President Donald Trump completes his first term. In other words, the oddsmakers see Trump being victorious and the Democrats going home in defeat. Now, the longer impeachment continues, the more likely the Democrats will suffer.

The Democrats seem destined to lose but at least a few of them are wising up. Dr. Steve Turley talks about a new article he found, declaring that impeachment is killing Trump derangement syndrome. In other words, some Democrats are realizing just how crazed and bizarre they have appeared to the rest of us!


Are We Living in 6th Extinction?

Everything alive today is a descendant of Earth’s fifth mass extinction, when a 10-kilometer-wide asteroid smashed into the Yucatan Peninsula, wiping out 75 percent of our planet’s plants and animals 66 million years ago. This time around, we are the “asteroid.” Says Dr. Joe Hanson, “Now we’re erasing species faster than we can name them.” He explains in this episode of It’s Okay To Be Smart.

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The Other Prince

Here, Jamie Dlux traces flight log records to show Jeffrey Epstein flew into Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and remained there on the day of the 2016 election. There’s an interesting connection because Jeffrey Bezos was in Saudi Arabia at precisely the same time to try to get the Saudi royals to invest in Amazon.

Dlux also draws upon court documents in the case of Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who has accused Epstein and his handler, Ghislaine MAxwell, with pimping her out to a variety of powerful men while she was still underage. Those identified have included former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, former Maine Sen. George Mitchell, the late MIT professor Marvin Minsky, Hyatt hotels executive chairman Tom Pritzer and others, including two princes.

One of those princes has already been clearly identified: Great Britain’s Prince Andrew. Here, Dlux makes the case that the second prince most likely was Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

Meanwhile, thousands of documents, audio files, legal briefs and videos pertaining to Jeffrey Epstein were released Thursday by Dave Aronberg, the State Attorney for Palm Beach County in Florida. Aronberg, a Democrat, has posted all of these public records in searchable files at

Longtime Epstein investigator Jason Bermas does a deep-dive through the documents below to help you get started in pursuing your own probes. There’s much here, so it is going to take quite some time to digest and make sense of all of this information. As Bermas calls it, it’s a Huge Data Dump.

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It was a busy day for Jason Bermas Thursday. He made more than half a dozen videos. including a second one that addresses the appearance by Epstein lawyer Alan Dershowitz on The View. This comes as new charges have been raised against Dershowitz from another Epstein victim. She says Dershowitz molested her and even engaged in a threesome on one occasion.

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