Hot Wheels Running

News has just broken that a certain darling of the Black Hats, 8Chan co-founder Fredrick Brennan, has recently fled his nation of residence and gone into hiding to escape charges. This arose after the Philippines, where Brennan had been residing, brought criminal indictments against him. Neon and M3-thods join RedPill78 for a breakdown of the situation.

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Fredrick Brennan

Coronavirus white hat weaponry? Have Democrats gone full-on Socialists? Learn more from McAllister TV, who also invites you to listen to her video Sunday when she will be discussing Judaism with Roseanne Barr.

The spring will soon be sprung! We’ll see green-faced Pepes throwing red pills as the sun beams down. As part of the Great Awakening, we look forward to the tale of billions of dollars in kickbacks and bribe money going to corrupt Democrats. Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden certainly have their hands in the Ukraine and Chinese cookie jars. But who else might have been feeding at the trough? More from Craig Mason.

Lori Colley tells us of George Soros, the unrepentant Nazi, once more warning of revolution and the doom he plans to rain down on the United States. Notice, though, he didn’t make this threat while camping out in New York, but from Davos, Switzerland. Frankly, we’re tired of Soros’ baloney. Not only time to arrest this piece of crap. We think he should be paraded around the countryside with a muzzle over his mouth!

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Joe Biden Has Dementia

Steven Crowder expresses some concern over Joe Biden’s recent gaffes. More from Louder with Crowder.

Dr. Mac has a new morning talk show where he gives you all of the news you need to start your day! Today his very special guest is Democratic (sort of) front runner, Joe Biden! Let’s drop in on Shut Up, America! With Joe and outside guest, Bernie Sanders! More from FreedomToons.

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Bernie supporters and a progressive candidate for the Democratic party have been protesting outside Democrats homes, resulting in several instance of police being called. Showing up to someone’s house is a huge step over the line but Bernie’s supporters seem totally fine with it.

The far left activists were showing up late at night to intimidate Democratic party officials and justified it as their right to protest. Around the same time, a journalist had his private information released by Bernie supporters for revealing that Bernie’s staff had been insulting other Democratic candidates on Twitter, resulting in the user being fired from Bernie Sander’s campaign.

Republicans are sitting back and watching with glee and popcorn as the Democrats actively sabotage their own party in their war against the far left. I can only imagine that after all of this the only winner of the infighting will be Donald Trump. More from Tim Pool.

Bet On Trump in 2020

Sharyl Attkisson, one of the few real journalists in the mainstream media, wrote a piece in The Hill, basically saying if she were a betting woman, all of her money would go on President Trump. Attkisson, a former reporter for CBS News, lists several reasons for her revelation, including the not so trivial Trump’s height. In this episode of Bill Whittle Now, Whittle and Scott Ott discuss Attkisson’s work and add some gems of their own.

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Answer This Nygard Riddle

What do Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, Peter Nygard and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles have in common?

Dum-dum-dum-dum-dum-dum-dum. Dum-dum-dum-dum, duh. Duh duh duh duh…

Time’s up.

If you answered that they have all been involved with sex crimes, you get a “C.”

If you answered that they all have been charged with sex crimes, sometimes involving pedophilia, you get a “B.”

An “A” is reserved for those of you who recognized and knew that all four of these individuals and/or entities have made use of the Sitrick and Company PR firm. What’s that? It’s a crisis management PR firm that Fortune Magazine once described as “the Winston Wolf of public relations.”

If you don’t remember Winston Wolf, here’s a refresher course — Winston Wolf (Harvey Keitel) in action, coaching John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson on how to quickly remove splattered brain parts from a vehicle parked in a garage in Pulp Fiction.

As a side note, Jeffrey Epstein stiffed Sitrick and Company. They had to sue him after he didn’t pay his $103,500 bill. Piker!

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We want to credit Jamie Dlux for inspiring the above video with his own piece Nygard the Bahamian. Dlux points out another interesting aside. Spell Nygard’s last name backwards and it becomes dragyn. That’s a term sometimes used to describe followers of Dracula, or blood-suckers!

Davey Crocko gives us a full review of Peter Nygard. He says the greatest problem: Many of the videos done on Nygard are being removed from the Internet. In other words, there’s a concerted effort to erase his history. But consequences are already following the FBI raid on his New York City offices in Times Square. Dillard ‘s has canceled handling his apparel line. Walmart is weighing the allegations.

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BBC Pushes “Woke” Adaptations

A BBC drama boss wants to replace all classic characters with women, Asians and minorities. Piers Wenger defends these “woke” adaptations, saying failing to update the classics with diverse characters would be a dereliction of duty. More from Mr. Obvious.

In a bizarre, related story, Katy Tur of MSNBC is advocating that the FBI track the online activity of white people — especially white males — and arrest them. More from Vincent James of The Red Elephants.


Babes of Burlesque: 38


Born and raised in southern Spain, Medianoche is a professional tango and flamenco dancer as well as a stripper. Some of her acts pay nostalgic homage to Spain — such as “Granada” and “Dada del Ruso” — but she can also bust loose with something modern, like “Typewriters and Fishnets,” in which a secretary abandons her typing for a low stocking peel with a desktop tassel-twirl climax.

A member of the vibrant New York burlesque scene, she tours extensively, including a stint in Dita von Teese’s Strip Strip Hooray! cast. Described by the emcee as “sin in a hourglass,” here she performs a sultry number to live music by The Hot Sardines in Dominion, New York. The band members do seem to be having trouble averting their gaze.

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And, here is a new video, from 2019, showing Medianoche at Frontrowpauls Burlesque Bonanza (video Gabe Duval). This is a show from Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Her website:

Why WHO Lies About Pandemic

Here are the 425 billion reasons why the World Health Organization or WHO has a dark secret about the coronavirus. That’s right: The real reason why WHO won’t call this a pandemic. It’s also why US health authorities hold lots of secret meetings without telling the public the truth. Sometimes, the CDC or Center for Disease Control even doesn’t let elected officials in on the secret. More from Lisa Haven.

Styxhxenhammer666 says coronavirus has now appeared in five new countries: the Netherlands, Belarus, Nigeria, Lithuania and New Zealand. He’s living in Netherlands, so he’s planning to venture out and buy a few more canned foods and get better prepared. More worrisome: The outbreak in Nigeria. This is a country with poor medical standards and crowded slums, particularly around the capital of Lagos. We could see some major carnage. Japan closes its schools for two months.

Within and without China, the coronavirus continues to rage on. A leaked report claims that actual covid-19 cases within China are 52x higher than the 78K reported by authorities. Whether true or not, that estimate comports with the massive heavy-handed response the government has been pursuing there.

Outside of China, more cases in more countries are being reported, especially in the EU. Since yesterday, new cases have been reported in Sweden, Greece, France, Spain, Germany, and, of course, Italy. The virus appears as virulent as ever. Remember those photos of sick people collapsing on the street in China? Well, we’re now seeing the same thing in South Korea and Iran. Infections continue to grow at a non-linear (i.e., exponential) rate. New cases & death are *doubling* worldwide every 4-5 days(!).

Containment has failed. The coronavirus is spreading worldwide and it’s prudent to assume it’s headed near where you live at some point. Use the time you still have now to prepare. Being well-stocked, well-trained and in a position to help others is your best defense at this point.More from Chris Martenson.

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San Francisco is declaring an emergency over the coronavirus. The CDC says it’s coming: It’s no longer a matter of it, but when. People are beginning to fight over fight. More from Tim Pool.

Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain updates you on the latest news on this radical new health threat. The first case in Pakistan has been reported. It’s now spreading faster outside China than within China.

Is it time to panic?



Old Films Were Plenty Naughty

If you think old Hollywood movies weren’t naughty, think again. In the pre-1934 era, the silver screen had its share of nudity and risque behavior. But in 1934, the industry put forth a production code ending all the naughtiness. In this presentation by Nerd Fest UK, check out the debauchery in these pre-code film clips.

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