Press Destroying Themselves

Trump and the patriots are moving quickly with their silent operation. Panic is everywhere and the [Deep State] and the Mainstream Media are caught in their lies. They are completely exposed and there is now way out for them. The clock is ticking down and these [DS] players will need to make a decision. When do you play the Trump card?More from the X22 Report.

We have some incredible footage from health care centers across the globe that begs the question, just what is really going on? A tremendous proof from Mercy & Comfort. Virginia goes on insane lockdown through June and much more..from RedPill78.

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As we wage the good fight, seeking to free enslaved children and end the stranglehold of the cabal, we must always remain patriotic. Patriots from around the world are praying for America now. We cannot give up. We cannot turn away. We must see the fight through to the finish. More from And We Know.

This is not the time to be confused by the seemingly diverging information. Let’s look at the new Cue posts and the theories about our current condition as a nation–and what the Bible has to say to encourage us. More from Lori Colley.

End Modern-Day Slavery

Slavery is alive and well today. Human trafficking is a booming business that is being propelled by both the powerful and our on-demand sexualized culture. Tim Ballard, former special agent and founder of Operation Underground Railroad, joins Candace Owens to discuss how society aids this multi-billion-dollar criminal enterprise. More from PragerU.

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DeBlasio’s Coronavirus Crisis

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio is facing a coronavirus crisis. It is he — not Trump — who is to blame for the worst coronavirus outbreak in New York City. De Blasio was not encouraging residents to be careful but rather telling them this was a minor nuisance. Like a blind fool, he encouraged them to attend public parades and social events, spreading the contagion. Now, the body bags are starting to pile up in New York. What will De Blasio and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo do to rectify the situation? More from Tim Pool.

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Fear Has No Power

An uplifting song by Abbey Cook, appropriate for a time such as this. She is the daughter of an Alaskan fisherman and spent much of her younger years on board his sailboat — the Abundance.

In recent years, she has divided her time between Alaska and Wyoming. Cook and her husband are active in the Q movement and strive to wake up folks to the dangers of the New World Order globally. A sample of her lyrics here: “Love never gives up, No no Even in the final hour But since we live by the spirit Fear has no power.”

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Let’s meet, this year, on the Trump train. More from Annette Cividanes. (EDITOR’S NOTE: YouTube has removed Cividanes’ videos. In the absence of her original work, we present another piece she did introducing cowboys on a horseback ride to Washington DC to support our President!)

Chang Rips China’s Propaganda

Gordon Chang, author of The Coming Collapse of China, says he’s angered by China blaming the U.S. military for the onset of the coronavirus. Chang says for six weeks in December and January, China didn’t utter a word about the virus, angering the Chinese people and inciting the outbreak of low-level violence. Since then, Communist China has tried to tar the United States, intimating that our military brought the virus to Wuhan. Here’s more from Chang on the Mike Huckabee Show.

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Sacred Bloodlines

Before Christianity existed, there was what is now commonly known as Paganism, which is also called Polytheism, the belief or worship of more than one God. Various triune or triple goddesses were commonly seen in ancient religions. The details of the rites, ceremonies, and beliefs were kept secret due to persecution, and consistently preserved from antiquity. As their core teaching became unacceptable, the Goddess teachings became the “Mysteries”.

Anthropologist and author Robert Sepehr explores in a video called Sacred Bloodlines and Mysteries of the Goddess. He notes how some organizations have asserted that Mary Magdalene’s bloodline was of a special lineage, and that her children survive in the royal houses of Europe.

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Trump’s Sea to Shining Sea Saga

Outdoor photographer Kenneth Frantz, who has crisscrossed our land filming America the Beautiful by drone, has turned his attention to President’s Trump’s border wall, perhaps the largest construction project in the world. Frantz says he stumbled across construction of the wall by accident, while filming  the majestic national parks in the Southwest and thought it would be an interesting project to drone. So he filmed the entire 950-mile border with Mexico, putting 3,000 miles on his Hertz rental truck in 10 days, then spent another eight days editing the film. The video went 1 million-plus viral. Says Frantz, “The purpose of doing so was to show the immensity of this undertaking, the pride that comes when watching American ingenuity in its full glory and the utter lack of imagination and truth-telling displayed by our media.” Here’s his story.

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History, Politics And Ventilators

In this edition of the Operation Freedom Youtube Briefing, Dr. Dave Janda dissects a wide range of issues pertaining to the current global coronavirus dynamic. He also talks history, politics and ventilators, presenting information that you simply need to know. Here’s a two-part series.

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