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Falling Down

How did George Soros and the Communist Chinese communicate with their minions within the Democratic National Committee? Could they have been using Zynga poker games or other online roving chat games with very good security? How about Star Wars Commander? Activision? Blizzard? In Pursuit of Truth examines these options in his latest dive exploring a new round of Q posts.

IPOT was among the first to discuss the “Very Good Boy” communications surrounding the DNC. Here, he gets into some of the miscommunications involving Adam Schiff,who seems to have been lying for quite some time.  Also we see how the bad brass at the FBI has been systematically removed — fired, to be exact.

What would have happened had she won? You know who we’re talking about: The witch Hillary Rodham Clinton. Would we be at war against North Korea? Or both Iran and North Korea? Would she have leaned upon our corrupt law enforcement arms — for instance, the FBI or CIA — to arrest law-abiding Americans and further erode our freedoms? How long would the coronavirus pandemic had lasted with her in the White House? JustInformed Talk takes a deep dive.

The Deep State is in serious trouble. President Donald Trump is knocking these crooks. Busting up their drug and child trafficking operations. What will be their final stand? Another pandemic? Food shortages? Mass online censorship? Here, Dustin Nemos explores the bag of tricks from which these goons might try to pull out a rabbit. Probably would be a white rabbit, too.

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John Durham closes in on Flynn leakers that framed him! Devin Nunes calls out DNC Russian operative…by name. More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

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Abuses of power are in Attorney General William Barr’s crosshairs! Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch says President Donald Trump should exonerate and pardon General Michael Flynn. Why is the FBI holding back evidence of a criminal anti-Trump conspiracy? Did everyone see how YouTube removed the video of two doctors challenging the coronavirus statistics and premises? What’s with this corporate censorship? Time for YouTube to be replaced by a less biased and censor-prone Internet video provider.  More from McAllister TV.

Joe Biden Looking Sicker

Joe Biden is looking sicker and sicker. Can he make it until November? How long before the Democrats toss his sorry flanks to the wolves? More from Bill Still.

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Tara Reade has accused current presidential candidate (and former Vice President) Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her when she worked in his Senate office in 1993.

If true, it was unambiguous assault by Biden. According to Reade, he began orally kissing her without her permission, pushed her up against a wall, reached up under her skirt, and roughly penetrated her vagina with his fingers. More from Stefan Molyneux.

Media goes full panic mode as new evidence emerges against Joe Biden. Face it: The Democrats can’t defend him. And they can’t stand behind him.

While CNN and other Democrat allies have stated this story is mostly in conservative circles, they ignore all the progressives who oppose Biden as well calling him out over this story.

But it might not be all bad, Democrats need a reason to can Biden at a moment’s notice. With this, they could easily swap him out and cite the allegations as their reason for choosing a candidate who was not elected in the primary process.

What will happen in November’s 2020 election is anyone’s guess. The allegations may cause serious harm to the Democrats but so long as Joe Biden is kept hidden away perhaps they will benefit from not being seen. So long as Biden is hidden he can’t gaffe. More from Tim Pool.



Time To Safely Reopen America

Brett Giroir, an American pediatrician and a four-star admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, who currently serves as the Assistant Secretary for Health under the Trump administration, says safely reopening America’s economy is what the doctor ordered. Needless to say, the Democratic governors will drag out the closings until the bitter end. They are hellbent to damage the economy. But American workers want to get back on the job, so it’s time to return to work.

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Seeing how much the experts got wrong on the coronavirus, how much more or less likely are you to believe them the next time? Are you concerned that the “crying wolf” will prevent us from being prepared for something that is actually bad? Also, Taylor Swift concert news, AOC vs. the lion’s den, dogs with separation anxiety, and “Star Wars” diversification goals. Dave Rubin joins Steven Crowder to talk everything COVID-19!

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Best Stimulus: Get Back to Work

The status of a new stimulus package for Americans is in limbo after Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that Congress will not reconvene next week as previously planned. That doesn’t sit well with U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, who says grocers are stocking their shelves, farmers are planting crops, states are reopening, so why won’t Congress?

Meanwhile, the debate continues over a Phase 4 stimulus package on both sides of the aisle. Jordan has a better solution. “The best Phase 4 is to go back to work,” Jordan says. “We already spent $3 trillion and that was necessary, because when state governments, local governments tell business owners you can’t engage in your livelihood and run your business, you have to to deal with that. You have to help families and you have to help small business owners.” Here’s more with Jordan on Fox News.

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Activision CEO Epstein Linked

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick is linked to Jeffrey Epstein. Why is this relevant? Because it appears many of those CEOs, Hollywood stars, fashion idols and the rest of the Epstein coterie have been using Activision games — like Blizzard — to communicate in hopes of avoiding detection by the National Security Agency. But did these people really avoid the NSA? Or have they been caught dead in their tracks admitting to cannibalism, murder and other heinous crimes? Time will tell. More from Sid Alpha.

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Kotic from Epstein’s Little Black Book.


Liberal Guvs Pushing Socialism

The coronavirus pandemic has revealed the true, socialist colors of our governors, especially the Democrats. Conservative radio talk show host Andrew Wilkow argues that while some governors have risen to the occasion, most Democrat governors are acting like children. They claim they are sovereign, yet accept zero responsibility for the virus’ impact. Meanwhile, they falsely claim the president has no power in national emergencies, then proceed to blame Trump for everything. In the following episode of Blaze TV, Wilkow rates some of the governors based on leadership, or lack thereof.

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TikTok Kids Are Out Of Control

What a wild world we live in.. I stumbled upon some questionable content on TikTok, an app that brought a craze all over the planet in just a short amount of time (it was available worldwide in 2017, after being released in China in 2016) with total of TikTok downloads being over 1.5 billion – making it the seventh-most downloaded app of the 2010s.

Since 41% of TikTok users are aged between 16 and 24, it is quite different than your average Instagram, Youtube or Facebook using. And since its content is short but sweet, it attracted many users to it in hopes of their videos becoming viral.

This is a first video covering TikTok craze and in it I dive into how some kids spend their time on the app which I’m pretty sure their parents know nothing about. Njoy. More from Barbara4U2C.

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