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The Defunding Freakout

Following widespread protests, progressive Democrats seized upon the fervor and called for disbanding, defunding, or even outright abolishing the police. Somehow Democrats managed to turn an advantage into a disadvantage that Republicans have immediately used in their favor.

While most people do believe in some kind of police reform, almost no one wants to see the police be totally abolished. That is a ridiculous proposal.

But right now, Trump is falling in the polls, betting odds have begun to favor Biden, so why would Democrats offer up such a lovely gift? If any group of people wants to see Democrats openly embrace “abolish the police” as a campaign promise, it would be Trump supporters who know that regular Americans are freaking out, jumping on 2A, and looking for law and order. More from Tim Pool.

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Activists are picking up momentum with calls to defund police departments across the country. But the problem isn’t just police departments. It’s the cities and municipalities that use police departments as a source of revenue in order to make budgets. More from Ben Swann.

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