Real Danger Of D.C. Swamp

The Republican establishment, aka The Swamp, have tried to take Donald J. Trump down from the start. Stamped “Never Trumpers,” these miscreants just don’t want to defeat Trump, they want to crush him. They shoveled more than $130 million into the pockets of Jeb Bush, they created the Never Trump Movement and they turned on the GOP nominee in the final stages of the campaign. All of these tactics failed miserably.

But that hasn’t stopped them. Enter the new wave of Republican elitists, such as John Bolton, Gen. Jim Mattis, John Kelly and Rex Tillerson, establishment stooges who squirmed their way into the Trump Cabinet. Says Steve Hilton, host of “The Next Revolution” on Fox News, “These self-righteous elitist think they were defending America, when they duplicitously took senior jobs from a president they despised and opposed. They weren’t defending America or Americans, they were defending their own cause and interests.” Here’s more from Hilton.

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