Pharma And Food At Risk

Why is it that global catastrophes always seem to start here in China? Well, the flooding in China is set to start a global meltdown, with food, pharmaceuticals and more at risk after months of monsoons threaten the integrity of the 3 Gorges Dam. Not to mention the mystery seeds being sent all over the US and Tik Tok might be sold for $50 billion. SPYWARE! More from RedPill78.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media is now pushing mail-in voting like never before. But they have planned something else: A delay in the election results. What happens in a delay? The patriots already know the playbook to delay. Watch what happens next. Silence does not mean that nothing is going on. Actually it is the opposite. It is leading the [DS]/MSM right into the trap. More from the X22 Report.

TruReporting celebrates Herman Cain, whose death from coronavirus has shocked the nation. Cain is a former Presidential candidate, former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza and former chairman of the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. With the election less than 100 days away, are we seeing an elaborate game of 5D chess being played out? We are dealing with a Stable Genius as our President! What is with his Tweets today about Little Saint James, ostensibly a pizza joint but also the name of Jeffrey Epstein’s island in the Caribbean.

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How can we have free expression in the United States when we have censors operating across the board on the Left? We are talking about the Big Tech outfits — YouTube, Google, Facebook and Twitter, chief among them — that are silencing conservatives at every turn, violating our Constitutionally empowered rights to free speech, press and religion. These social media outfits received protection from being sued for libel because they claimed to be bulletin boards not judging or censoring their content. Yet here they are, practicing draconian censorship, just as atrocious as what you would expect from the Communist Chinese. More from JustInformed Talk.

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