Pharma And Food At Risk

Why is it that global catastrophes always seem to start here in China? Well, the flooding in China is set to start a global meltdown, with food, pharmaceuticals and more at risk after months of monsoons threaten the integrity of the 3 Gorges Dam. Not to mention the mystery seeds being sent all over the US and Tik Tok might be sold for $50 billion. SPYWARE! More from RedPill78.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media is now pushing mail-in voting like never before. But they have planned something else: A delay in the election results. What happens in a delay? The patriots already know the playbook to delay. Watch what happens next. Silence does not mean that nothing is going on. Actually it is the opposite. It is leading the [DS]/MSM right into the trap. More from the X22 Report.

TruReporting celebrates Herman Cain, whose death from coronavirus has shocked the nation. Cain is a former Presidential candidate, former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza and former chairman of the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. With the election less than 100 days away, are we seeing an elaborate game of 5D chess being played out? We are dealing with a Stable Genius as our President! What is with his Tweets today about Little Saint James, ostensibly a pizza joint but also the name of Jeffrey Epstein’s island in the Caribbean.

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How can we have free expression in the United States when we have censors operating across the board on the Left? We are talking about the Big Tech outfits — YouTube, Google, Facebook and Twitter, chief among them — that are silencing conservatives at every turn, violating our Constitutionally empowered rights to free speech, press and religion. These social media outfits received protection from being sued for libel because they claimed to be bulletin boards not judging or censoring their content. Yet here they are, practicing draconian censorship, just as atrocious as what you would expect from the Communist Chinese. More from JustInformed Talk.

Suicide Weekend Ahead?

McAllister TV analyzes the latest frantic Instagrams and Tweets coming out from celebrities. It seems they are all suffering severe symptoms from adrenochrome withdrawal. They are sharing thoughts on hybrids and synthetic adrenochrome substitutes. They are losing hope they can find anything that will work to stave off their advancing decay and rot. The alternative is becoming clear: Suicide weekend.

Howie Mandel’s SHOE talk, for instance, had little to do with Shoes, but instead 5HOE, where a “5” replaces the “S.” That’s the crystal structure of EST24, a carbohydrate acetylesterase from Sinorhizobium meliloti. Here is a page devoted to that structure from the Protein Data Base:

Also, analyzed in this McAllister TV video: the new Instagram from Alec Baldwin, which does seem to contain several cryptic passages, possibly alluding to a Suicide Weekend. We shall see, and might understand much more, soon.

Also discussed here: More Big Tech lies. None of these social media companies — Google, YouTube, Apple, Amazon, Facebook or Twitter — has an ounce of integrity. Let’s hope they are all taken to the watershed and straightened out soon. They are doing their best to destroy American freedoms. Screw every one of them, along with the blood-sucking Communist Chinese and Democratic fiends behind them!


Hollywood Goes Full Panic Mode

Hollywood just may collapse due to the shutdown. With tenet delayed indefinitely and companies hemmoraging cash, how much longer can they go on? Warner Brothers, for instance, expects to lose 900 million dollars and has no new films scheduled for release for an entire year. More from The Quartering.

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Why Even Bother?

Major League Baseball has belatedly opened its 2020 season but why even bother? The players are flashing their Black Lives Matter gear, playing politics instead of sports. The NBA and Women’s National Basketball Association have staged even more dramatic stunts. If athletes want to run for Congress, fine. Go for it. But when the games are on, they should be focusing on sports — not pushing their own brand of politics. More from Mark Dice.

Human Guinea Pigs!?!

An in-depth report outlines the disgusting history of foster child experimentation in our country that has been taking place for at least the past four decades. The report reveals how Dr. Anthony Fauci and other prominent names continue to abuse foster children left and right in the name of promoting “public health.”

Also, CNN forces the Sinclair Broadcast Group to  axe an interview with Plandemic author Dr. Judy Mikovits. And, an explosive UFO report in the New York Times mentions “off-world vehicles not made on this Earth” and reveals the Pentagon did not disband its UFO office in 2012, as previously understood. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost! More from Dave Zublick.


Charities And Mind Control

An organization claiming to fight child labor that makes its money by providing educational materials serving to groom children for a life of low-paid, high-stress, psychologically manipulative coercion? Indeed! But there a lot of history behind this, and in this video I go through connections you will have to see to believe. More from Amazing Polly.


Is The Fix In For Maxwell?

Attorneys for Ghislaine Maxwell have asked a New York judge for a gag order on prosecution witnesses to prevent them from publishing information about the case online. Maxwell is also seeking permission to identify any alleged victims and witnesses who have come forward, which is being described in the media as an ambush on the prosecutors. Why the surprise move? Because the prosecution’s discovery  is likely loaded with “huge names.” Says YouTube investigative blogger Shaun Attwood, “There’s going to be some heinous allegations, the details of all the offenses are going to be in there and Maxwell’s lawyers are going to claim that this will prejudice her ability to get a fair trial.” Attwood added that this has led to rampant speculation that a deal is already done, that the fix is in. There’s reason to believe that the CIA or FBI knew of Maxwell’s whereabouts for a year and could of arrested her at any time, and that the whole case has been staged because she has pre-agreed to a sentence term. There is further conjecture that national interests will then get involved to protect big names, such as Bill Clinton. Here’s more on the Shaun Attwood Channel.

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NASCAR And Rednecks

Jeff Foxworthy spices up his return to the lighter side of life with his take on southern NASCAR humor and rednecks. For example says Foxworthy, “If somebody hollers ‘hoedown’ and your girlfriend hits the floor, you might be a redneck. If you own a Waffle House credit card, you might be a redneck.” Tune in for some end-of-the-week laughter on the Jeff Foxworthy Channel.

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