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Ratcliffe To Declassify Secrets

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media have now trapped themselves. They didn’t even see it coming. They walked right into it. John Ratcliffe, the Director of National Intelligence, is now working with special prosecutor John Durham to generate more declassified information that can be made public. Panic. The events are now falling apart. The Center for Disease Control quietly changed their information. The death rate from CV19 is ~9,000. The riots are not working. People are waking up. They see clearly and the [DS]/MSM and corrupt politicians [knowingly] destroyed peoples’ lives to hide the fact these politicians and their accomplices [knowingly] committed treason, sedition and crimes against humanity. Law and Order. Justice is coming. More from the X22 Report.

Trump is a weekend warrior! Questions arise about the Lego White House. Black Conservative Patriot provides the truthful answers. Also in this video: Pelosi and the Dems file against Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Also, new laws challenge the right to protest.

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The goal of the Left is perpetual civil war. Meanwhile, amidst the BLM violence, YouTube just issued SGT Report another unwarranted STRIKE, this time for… “impersonation”. Seriously. I’m fed up with their fascism, so in this video I announce the solution…More from the SGTReport.

What’s more dangerous to our republic? A virus that the Center for Disease Control has said might be less lethal than the flu? Or armed Antifa and Black Lives Matters rioters, destroying our cities and killing Americans who disagree with their radical, Far-Leftist views? More from JustInformed Talk.

Save Our Children

Jamie Dlux takes part in a protest march Saturday in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, aimed at stopping pedophilia and child sex trafficking. We look for more marches along these lines as more people become aware of how organized thugs have been stealing away and brutalizing our children. These thugs must be stopped, no matter how powerful they are or who is their ally. The time has come to make our streets safe again for children!

Meanwhile, Dave Icke speaks at Trafalgar Square in London at the Unite for Freedom Rally, also on Saturday. In addition, there was a massive rally in Berlin, Germany, targeting the coronavirus lockdown. Worldwide, the public has had it with the massive censorship and efforts to control our movements and strip away our freedoms. At the top of our list of grievances, we want safety for our children, and no more lies from the mainstream media to protect pedophiles or sex traffickers!


Paul Harvey’s Letter From God

Legendary radio commentator Paul Harvey enthralled the nation for decades with his human interest anecdotes and common sense editorials, most of them with a conservative twist. One of his most inspiring deliveries on ABC Radio News was the iconic correspondence with the Almighty titled, “A Letter From God.”

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Time’s Up For Pelosi

Nervous Nancy Pelosi has taken another bizarre turn in her long and scrambled role as Speaker of the House. In a recent exchange with the media, Pelosi proclaimed that Joe Biden shouldn’t do anything to legitimize the GOP, including debate President Trump. It makes you wonder if she’s drinking the same Kool-Aid that Sleepy’s Joe is sipping.

The comment drew the ire of Republicans, including Georgia Congressman Doug Collins, who says it’s time for Pelosi to move on. “She’s not taking care of the American people,” he says. “Her advice to Joe Biden is to stay in the basement, stay away from people. That’s not the way we do things in America. You actually get out and earn your votes.”

Collins, appearing on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo, further elaborates on Pelosi’s behavior and talks about Georgia’s new law that provides protection for police officers.

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Shut This Website Down

Repzion talks about a website he has discovered — — that is full of pedophilia, including nude photos of children and pedophiles discussing how they would like to rape or abuse kids. We’re not talking teen sex. These pervs want to rape 9-year-olds! Repzion is unsure where the website is based, but believes it is outside the United States. He is seeking help to get the website banned or shut down.

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Antifa Kills Trump Supporter

A Trump supporter walking down the street in Portland, Oregon, has been killed by Antifa terrorists. The victim was shot and killed. Styxhexenhammer666 reacts.

Tim Pool discusses the killing of a member of the pro-Trump group Patriot Prayer. Black Lives Matter celebrated the murder, cheering the killing. Pool says, “NOTE: I am operating under the assumption that the killing was related to the unrest. It seems the most plausible considering the clashes. HOWEVER, we don’t have direct confirmation of why it happened. I believe it is imperative I stress this point even if we believe with 99% certainty it was related to the unrest.”

In a followup video, Tim Pool says 4CHan has identified the killer. The anonymous message board once again beat out the lazy and biased media in naming the suspect — an Oregon ski instructor and professional snowboarder named Michael Reinoehl. Says one of Pool’s YouTube followers, “This guy looks like James Carville and Skeletor after a three-year meth binge.”

The Klan Myth

Now that he has reached more than 10,000 subscribers on Bitchute, Ramzpaul is beginning to make some exclusive Bitchute videos. These tend to be some of his better videos, ones in which he addresses topics that YouTube almost assuredly would censor or suppress.

This is one of those topics — a history of the Ku Klux Klan and how it enjoyed three separate incarnations but, for all intents and purposes, has been completely dormant and nonexistent since the 1980s. In other words, Leftists and Liberals railing about the KKK are fixated on a distant past and an enemy that no longer exists.