The Danger Of Doom Scrolling

A new but potentially harmful fad has emerged among Internet surfers called “doom scrolling,” which mental health officials describe as an addiction to the endless cycle of negative news on social media that makes you angry and sad. They add that doom scrolling can actually cause clinical anxiety, depression and fatigue.

The conundrum is that the Internet is the greatest miracle in terms of human knowledge, yet perhaps the most dangerous thing we’ve ever invented because of what it does to people emotionally and psychologically. Says Bill Whittle, “What you get down to is that adrenalin has a power draw, more on some people than others. And I would imagine that doom scrolling is almost a low-grade kind of adrenalin addiction. You feel adrenalized when you get angry and there are some people who get addicted to this.”

Whittle is joined by colleague Scott Ott to discuss techniques to dial back the cause of doom-scrolling symptoms on the Bill Whittle Channel.

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