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The Trump Wallace Debate

We thought President Donald Trump was supposed to debate Sleepy Joe Biden. But instead, it was Chris Wallace, the supposed moderator, who did most of the debating with Trump. We question why Fox would choose Wallace to moderate — he’s not at all conservative, and just another journalistic liberal. And a flaming, arrogant asshole. Oh well, Sleepy, Creepy Joe was there, and he managed to stay awake. Looks like he can survive more than 10 minutes out of his basement! Especially if he’s wired, as he appeared to be on Tuesday. More from Ramzpaul.

President Donald Trump debates Sleepy Joe from a teleprompter, arguing from his basement. More from The United Spot.

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In the hours immediately preceding the debate, Biden reportedly asked for debate breaks, and refused to get inspected for an ear piece or to do a drug test. Trump went hard on Biden, demanding inspections that imply Biden needed performance enhancers or assistance in the debate. The move already gave Trump the win.

The news cycle covering the claims highlighted Biden’s inability to speak in certain occasions and questioned his mental acuity. By simply asking for the inspections, it highlighted Biden’s struggles. Democrats and Joe Biden claimed Trump has no substance and is going after Biden on process because he is struggling. More from Tim Pool.

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Pain For The Deep State

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are now exposed. Everything they tried to do is being pushed into the light and the people can see clearly for the first time. General Flynn is about to go free, but we know that Sullivan has other instructions. Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe declassified information that the [DS]/Corrupt politicians created the Russian story to go after Trump. It is now falling apart and the walls are closing in on them. Pain. More from the X22 Report.

More Incoming! From the Intel Community and DNI Ratcliffe: Hillary approved a plan to stir up a scandal to hurt candidate Trump through the hacking of the DN –and thus gave birth to Russia-gate! More from Lori Colley.

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Are we about to see the whole corrupt system fail? Here’s a look into the corruption, focusing on the Clinton cartel. More from JustInformed Talk.

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Omar’s Ballot Harvesting

Here a ballot harvester connected with US Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minnesota, exchanges $200 for a general election ballot. In other words, Omar is buying votes. Says the ballot harvester, “We don’t care illegal.” How convenient! More from Project Veritas.

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James O’Keefe from Project Veritas appeared on Sean Hannity’s Show on Fox News to discuss the Minnesota corruption. He calls this a clear-cut example of ballot harvesting and fraud.

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Democrats’ Mail-In Misery

The Democrats’ mail-in ballot schemes are unraveling. They thought they could push the envelope and perhaps harvest an additional million or two million ballots. The only trouble: Trump is surging in the polls. He is beginning to show the kind of strength that it will be impossible for the cheating Democrats to break. We’re sure they will have some other scam in mind, though, so be sure to vote, and not only re-elect our President but also give him Republican office holders to help him emasculate the conniving Democrats. More from Steve Turley.

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Never Forget Kavanaugh Fiasco

As the country prepares for the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, beware of any movement from the Left appealing to a sense of fairness from conservatives. These are the same people that spent months smearing Justice Brett Kavanaugh over a a seat on the Supreme Court, proving they are not the arbiters of fairness, balance or morals.

No doubt the Left will use every trick in the book, including their opening salvo put forward by National Public Radio, reporting that Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s dying wish was that her replacement not be installed until after the election. The request allegedly came in an interview with RBG’s granddaughter, which begs the question: Did did this really happen, or was it an emotional reaction?

So while the Democrats toss around words such as fairness and compassion, don’t ever forget what they did to Justice Kavanaugh. Says YouTube blogger Rob Smith, “They tore him apart, they destroyed his family and this went on for weeks.” Here’s more with Smith on this episode of Open Mic.

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The Danger Of Doom Scrolling

A new but potentially harmful fad has emerged among Internet surfers called “doom scrolling,” which mental health officials describe as an addiction to the endless cycle of negative news on social media that makes you angry and sad. They add that doom scrolling can actually cause clinical anxiety, depression and fatigue.

The conundrum is that the Internet is the greatest miracle in terms of human knowledge, yet perhaps the most dangerous thing we’ve ever invented because of what it does to people emotionally and psychologically. Says Bill Whittle, “What you get down to is that adrenalin has a power draw, more on some people than others. And I would imagine that doom scrolling is almost a low-grade kind of adrenalin addiction. You feel adrenalized when you get angry and there are some people who get addicted to this.”

Whittle is joined by colleague Scott Ott to discuss techniques to dial back the cause of doom-scrolling symptoms on the Bill Whittle Channel.

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Underground Bases Wrap-Up

Gene Decode appears on the Blessed To Teach show to give his final American update on the DUMBS, or Deep Underground Military Bases. This episode covers DUMBS by state, starting with New York and concluding with Wyoming. We have run Gene Decode’s earlier DUMBS updates over the past few weeks.

Cancel Proof

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Megyn Kelly (Host, The Megyn Kelly Show) about being cancelled, the dishonesty of the New York Times, mainstream media bias, her opinions on Joy Behar’s blackface controversy, and debunking the myths of battles over Supreme Court Justices. Megyn shares her experience of what it was like for a news anchor to become the news due to her incidents with Donald Trump, Roger Ailes and NBC. Due to her experience she feels there is little people could do to cancel her now.

Megyn also discusses the difficulty of wanting to fight racism, but also not wanting to side with the ideology of Black Lives Matter or antiracism. She blames the mainstream media for feeding into the lies that America has always been a racist nation. She points out how dishonest the New York Times has been in stealth editing the 1619 Project without clarifying to their readers that corrections have been made. Meanwhile when Wall Street Journal writers like Jason Riley try to get to the truth about police shooting data, they are ignored or maligned.

The Megyn Kelly Show is a newly launched podcast. Kelly plans to do three episodes per week, speaking with “newsmakers, thought leaders and compelling voices.”

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