Biggest Election Fraud Ever

The truth is beginning to dawn on citizens. The Democrats in 2020 unleashed the biggest instance of election fraud we have ever seen. As we become aware of what they did to steal the election, the tables turn and it becomes incumbent upon us to arrest and prosecute those who have made a mockery out of our electoral process. More from And We Know.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media have tried everything to steal the election. It has not worked. Now the people are starting to realize that there is election fraud, which is very different than voter fraud. Trump is now proceeding with the rule of law and holding the public hearings so the legislature can hear the case where they can pick their electors. Flynn is free and 30 days from the point where Flynn was freed is Xmas, the same time George Washington used a Durham boat to attack. More from the X22 Report.

Welcome to D5: Darkness To Light. Analysis of flight paths suggest many Deep State traitors have already been transported to the prison facilities at Guantanamo Bay. Time will shed light on whether these are individuals who committed election fraud, transported children or engaged in other illegal and illicit activities. From The Patriot Hour.

Michael Flynn’s First Interview

Gen. Michael Flynn delivers his first interview since his pardon last week from President Donald Trump. Flynn warns the country is undergoing a massive upheaval, marked by the flagrant election fraud attempted by the Democratic Presidential team under former Vice President Joe Biden. Flynn says Americans need to overturn the fraud to ensure we can remain on an even footing moving forward as a nation. He appeared on a radio show with guest Lt. Gen.  Tom McInerney. More from CitizensInvestigativeReport.

Part Of The Club

Jamie Dlux explores the close connections between Oprah Winfrey and John of God, the Brazilian faith healer who is now at the center of a swirl of sexual assault charges. It’s not only said he raped women, but also assaulted children and engaged in human trafficking. Questions abound: How much did Oprah Winfrey know while recommending John of God. Was she, in any way, part of his sick club?

FBI Now Probes Election Fraud

The FBI Has FINALLY Begun Investigating Voter Fraud, Democrats Underestimating Trump Is Their Undoing. Democrats and liberal media keep saying there is no evidence but the evidence is starting to pile up.

Trump recently appeared on Maria Bartiromo’s show on Fox News to discuss allegation of voter fraud, for which there is ample evidence. Media and Democrats keep insisting there is no evidence and Trump has lost.

Yet now, according to Matt Braynard of the Voter Integrity Project, the FBI has requested hard data on illegal ballots. Whether this is a formal investigation or a preliminary one is yet to be seen but either way it’s huge news for Republicans and Donald Trump. More from Tim Pool.

Vermont Governor: Go Snitch

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott. supposedly a Republican, wants kids to snitch. Meanwhile, New York sets up covid-19 checkpoints. More from The Liberty Doll.

High Court Next Stop For Trump

Investigative journalist H.A. Goodman says the Trump Campaign’s apparent loss in the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court late last Friday is actually a victory. The case now seemingly heads to the U.S. Supreme Court, where conservative justices hold a 5-4 edge, including recently confirmed Amy Coney Barrett.

The Pennsylvania high court upheld the lower court ruling on a Trump Campaign lawsuit seeking to overturn the Presidential election results by disqualifying mail-in ballots. The high court, which allowed the extension of mail-in ballots in an earlier ruling, stated that  ballots without a postmark should be assumed to have been received prior to November 3. “Does that make any sense in the world,” Goodman says. He points out that Team Trump lead legal attorney Rudy Giuliani said the objective is twofold: One is to get the right case to the Supreme Court and secondly to convince state legislators that they shouldn’t certify false statements or completely bogus vote counts.

Goodman further analyzes the massive voter fraud, talks about the media’s treatment of Sidney Powell and opines on the Michael Flynn pardon.

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The Free Press Is Broken

The free press is broken and if we don’t fix it soon, America may be broken as well. The problem, says Newsmax’s Joe Pinion, is respect in the public square. The media’s job is to provide its viewers with the facts and let them decide. But they have fallen disastrously short of that responsibility.

After four years of listening to the mainstream media label President Trump a treasonous, existential threat to American democracy, the voters don’t believe them anymore. “Because at the end of the day, a free press only works if the people believe that the press will respect and report on their concerns,” Pinion says. Here’s more on Newsmax.

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A Call To Arms

Glenn Beck is truly worried about the state of the Republic. Filtering his post-election thoughts, Beck says we’re in trouble. For the first time in his life, he feels there’s no doubt America is moving closer to adopting Marxism, no matter who wins the presidency.

He admits he fought Donald Trump early on in his administration and he was proud to stand his ground. But after watching Trump keep his promises and do some amazing things for the country, he also admitted he was wrong and apologized on the air.  “I think Donald Trump is one of the best presidents we’ve ever had,” he says. “I had a hard time embracing his approach, but then in the last few years, I’ve had a really hard time seeing an approach that would work other than that.”

Now, as he reflects on the elections, the investigations and politics, he believes in the Deep State, he believes crimes were committed and he wants those guilty parties to be held accountable for their actions. So, he adds, “This message is your call to arms, not physically, but it’s a call to wake up, because the fight to restore American freedom will take every single one of us.” Here’s more from Beck on Blaze TV.

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Now Biden Enlists Pet Psychic

With all of his rigged votes getting exposed, and in many cases tossed out, Joe Biden is now enlisting his pet dogs to prove he’s the winner of the 2020 Presidential election. Pet psychic Ruth Lee-Crowther has “communicated” with the dogs, and they are happy over his victory, The Daily Beast reported. The dogs claim Biden is trustworthy, while President Donald Trump is a modern-day Hitler. We knew we could count on The Salty Cracker for pithy takes on these preposterous pup visions.