FBI Nowhere To Be Found

Dozens of witnesses packed court rooms at five different election-fraud hearings in four states in the last week to testify about allegations ranging from bogus and back-dated ballots to tabulation errors and voter intimidation.

The most explosive of the lot continues to be Suitcase-gate in Georgia, where there is bombshell evidence of a tape recording at an election center that was locked down and everyone chased out with the exception of five poll workers. They proceeded to pull several suitcases  chock-full of phony ballots–about 80,000–and scanned them several times. Team Trump head legal attorney Rudy Giuliani says the crew stayed up all night scanning ballots that resulted in a 148,00 to 7,000 advantage for Joe Biden.

One would think the shenanigans could easily be solved by hauling in the poll workers for questioning by the FBI. Not the case, says Giuliani. “Those people were also involved in taking USBs, taking information out of machines. They have a little history. The FBI is nowhere to be found.”

Giuliani spells out the chaos for Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo and gives a status report on the lawsuits in the some of the key swing states.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Fox News deleted this video. In its absence, we give you a Next News Network report on Rudy’s findings vis a vis the FBI and election fraud.)

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