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Move Slowly, and Carefully

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media has just been exposed. The idea that there is no such thing as election fraud and that the election systems are secure has just been debunked. Georgia held a hearing and now the Georgia lawmakers are looking into the ballots. The entire election scam is falling apart and those who [knowingly] participated are feeling the heat. Tick tock. Time is running out. More from the X22 Report.

The Obama Admin was funding Al Qaeda. Josh Hawley announces his intention to block the Electoral vote, just like the Dems did in 2016. Pence cancels his trip to Israel on the 6th. Nancy Pelosi and Republican traitor Mitch McConnell are working together to STOP the electoral objection. More from RedPill78.

In Pursuit of Truth does another one of his celebrated Two Minutes of Truth. This 2MoT introduces a printing plant from Rochester, New York, that just burnt to the ground. The only trouble: Where did all the printing equipment go? Inquiring minds are waiting.

Nashville: Done By White Hats

In his latest update, Simon Parkes says his sources have confirmed the Nashville explosion was an operation done by the White Hats.  A space weapon was used to pull off or coordinate the blast. The camper was not part of the explosive operation but was carrying the recording to warn citizens to leave the area. This was done to minimize any potential loss of life. If the White Hats had not carried out the explosion, the Deep State had a counter operation they would have staged. It likely would have been far deadlier and larger in scale.

The Trump administration, Parkes adds, is now engaged in major operations to seal off the borders and prevent the escape of bad actors. In Great Britain, where he is at, there are gold vaults under Heathrow Airport in London. The reason: Bad actors can withdraw their gold, and fly off in private planes, should they come under scrutiny and face arrest. Likely, similar escape pads or pods exist across the United States.

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Sen. Hawley Will Object

Joe Biden’s election will be contested in the U.S. Senate. Sen. Josh Hawley, a Missouri Republican, has confirmed he will raise an objection on grounds the election was stolen by the Democrats. More from Tim Pool.

If Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., objects on January 6, that will allow President Donald Trump to drop a massive load of evidence to Congress. The point: This will be the beginning of a swamp draining the likes of which this country has never seen before. More from The Salty Cracker.


EMP Attack In Nashville?

National Security Agency whistleblower Bill Binney says the federal government has been eavesdropping on all of our phone calls since the World War II years. Here, he gives us an extensive overview of the government’s illegal spying program, showing the major tapping stations and the many players from phone companies to federal agents. He concludes with a discussion of the Nashville bombing evidence and the distinct possibility it involved the use of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack. More from the SteelTruth with host Amy Vandersteel.


The Numbers Don’t Add Up

You can slice it, you can dice it, you can shake it, or you can bake it. But no matter how you measure it, the 2020 Presidential election doesn’t add up.

Important to note: This video does NOT dispute the results of the election. ‘President-Elect’ Joe Biden is being certified the winner. Instead, this video questions the huge statistically anomalies surrounding the election. The numbers defy mathematical explanation. The American people deserve some answers. More from Mr. Obvious.

Powell Releases New Kraken

Sidney Powell released another bombshell on the Rush Limbaugh Show, regarding foreign interference in the Presidential election. She says her team has obtained an affidavit from a cyber warfare person that shows the diagram of all foreign attacks on election night, when Dominion Software left its voting machines open and unencrypted and vulnerable to interference.

Powell says her team has witnesses who documented that the voting system was connected to the Internet, a charge Dominion vehemently denies. She says packets of information went to Serbia, Liechtenstein, Spain, Venezuela, China and Hong Kong. “There was traffic all over our voting system that was supposed to be self-contained, not accessible on the Internet at all.” Powell explains further in the Rush Limbaugh Show interview, provided by Doug Tennapel.

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Bill Gates: Corrupt, Evil Serpent

When asked if the coronavirus vaccines are safe, Microsoft tycoon Bill Gates was shockingly at a loss for words. Simple question, no answer. He hemmed and hawed, as is his manner, and left the reporter dumbfounded.

Why the unusual reaction? “Says prominent defense attorney Lin Wood, “Seems like a pretty straightforward question capable of a yes or no answer. I know mine: Bill Gates is a corrupted, evil serpent and should never be trusted. He should be in prison.” Gates, who has been rumored to be a major role-player in The Great Reset, aka New World Order, is definitely hiding something behind those beady eyes. Stay tuned for the truth.

Also in this episode with Martin Brodel, he examines the Nashville bombing and the election fraud fiasco in swing states, including a look at the conniving Abrams sisters in Georgia.

The Good News Of 2020

The general consensus anywhere on the planet these days is that 2020 ranks as one of the worst years on record. Not only were we consumed with the COVID-19 pandemic, but also a strong economic downturn, political divisiveness like we’ve never witnessed and scandal after scandal.

On the flip side, historian Johan Norberg, author of The Story of Human Progress, says we’ve never had a better year and points out that people don’t realize that life keeps getting better. And he doubles down and says, “If I were to pick a year, the best year in human history to face a pandemic, I would say it’s 2020.”

Facing such a threat, say in 2005, would have been bad news, since we didn’t have the technology to create the vaccines we now have. In the 1990s, we didn’t have the worldwide web and in the 1970s we had no way to read the genome of the virus. Forget the 1950s, we wouldn’t have had a single ventilator.

In addition, Norberg says, the world has become a lot wealthier. “If you look at specifics like global poverty, child mortality, chronic undernourishment and illiteracy, they all declined faster than ever.” He elaborates further on our prosperity in the following interview with John Stossel.

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Did Italians Rig Our Election?

Brad Johnson, a retired CIA officer and now president of a non-profit group called Americans for Intelligence Reform, says the 2020 presidential election in the United States was, in fact, rigged. Here, he explains what happened, and how CIA and other intelligence officers, working with a group of Italians, used a satellite to send out rigging information to voting machines across six or so swing states. More evidence of vote manipulation has been uncovered in Europe by the Italian press.

Johnson is hardly a slouch himself. He retired from the CIA as a Senior Operations Officer and Chief of Station with the CIA’s Directorate of Operations. Patrick Byrne has said he became aware of these allegations weeks ago. He calls these charges “Italygate,” and asks “Is the Italian government directly involved in the US election fraud against Trump?”

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2020’s Biggest Media Fails

It’s been a tough year, all over. So we hate to rag on anyone about their fails. But when it comes to the mainstream media, it’s just so easy. So here goes! More from Mark Dice.