Look For Something Big To Drop

The [Deep State] is panicking, Trump is now shaping the narrative. Optics are important. Timing is important, Trump must be neutral. The [Deep State] players are planning something. They know that it is game over. The fake news is having trouble keeping their audience. People are no longer believing. The [Deep State] is most likely setting up 2 different [False Flags]. The narrative is being built. More from the X22 Report.


Three Tales Of Corruption

On today’s episode of Red Pill News, we discuss three stories of corruption and governmental decay that MUST be told! On tap: Deep State FISA Judge James E. Boasberg, a corrupt Obama judge who let off ex-FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith with probation, has now dismissed a government case against Facebook. Also, why is the National Security Agency (NSA) spying on Tucker Carlson, the popular Fox News host? More from RedPill78.

This Storm Is Huge

This storm is huge. Rain is beginning to pour down. Bring the pain. Where is John Durham? Where is his report? Pray. More from And We Know.

Bombshells Dropping Now!

The dam is breaking and truth is spilling out everywhere so the government and mainstream media are targeting truth tellers for destruction. Here are election, vax and depop bombshells enumerated by the SGTReport.


NSA Spying On Tucker Carlson

The National Security Agency is spying on Tucker Carlson and his Fox News Show. Here, Tucker drops the bombshell confirming the spying. As for the dirty Joe Biden administration, it’s time you Leftist turkeys cleaned up your act!

It’s About Exposing the Bad Guys

The combatants on the dark side, who have been pumping out lie after lie, are in for a great awakening. Case in point are the shenanigans in Iraq, Russia and China, all part of the Deep State’s blueprint to control the world. Meanwhile, the white hats are sitting back and enjoying the show.

Says Charlie Ward, “It leads right into a financial collapse. This is all part of the plan. This is about exposing the lot of them … Biden will be exposed as the one who collapsed the economy, having taken it over in pretty good shape. This is all part of the pantomime. This has all been preplanned.”

In the following segment of The Charlie Ward Show, Ward is joined by fellow podcaster Ann Vandersteel to further discuss the strategy and logistics of the Great Awakening. They also dissect a stunning revelation from the San Bernardino, Calif., shooting, the government’s recent release of UFO files and the consequences of the Arizona forensic audit and subsequent audits scheduled across the country.

Bribes For Gun Permits in NYC

The Supreme Court will soon decide whether the government will let residents carry guns. It’s not an easy process, says John Stossel, who once tried to obtain a carry permit in New York City.

“They didn’t make it easy,” he says. “They required pages and pages of forms, notarization, records of death threats I’d received and two trips to police headquarters.” Not to mention a $430 fee. Stossel says the whole process took 8.5 months and the results: Denied.

Further investigation by Stossel not only found that the rich and famous in New York were easily obtaining carry permits, but also cops were being bribed in the “permit” department. He found that some politically connected individuals were offering cops as much as $6,000 to issue permits. More on the story  with Stossel.

The Secret Code Book

In the following edition of  RenaudBe, a clip from the recently cancelled TV series “Colony” depicts how people might have to start communicating in codes to protect themselves and their privacy from the rogue and treasonous elements of the Deep State, including suspect government agencies such as the NSA, CIA and FBI.

Says Renaud Bedard, “The rest of the sellout spies in Facebook and other fake social media, are all really serving fascist, globalist, satanic, elitist thugs, like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers.” The secret book code works well, using the same edition novel, as in first letter 99-12-14 translating into Page 99, line 12 and the 14th letter. You could also add an additional first set of numbers to change from one book to another, even with extra numbers as a decoy.

Before its cancellation, “Colony” was increasingly imitating reality and the possible police state to come, with surveillance weaponized killer flying drones and their mechanized ground assaults. Here’s the clip, which is food for thought in today’s world.

NFL Comes Out

The National Football League releases ad declaring that football is “gay.” More from The Salty Cracker.