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Scavino Pledges: We Have It All

The [Deep State] needs to keep the news clogged with other stories, so they are using omicron to keep the world busy as the truth is presented to the people. The [Deep State] is continuing with their great reset program to depopulate the world and now they are building the narrative that people will need another booster.

The people are waking up and this plan has failed before it even got started. We were warned that Covid19 was going to become Covid 21 and they are now pushing this. Dan Scavino sends message:They have it all. More from the X22 Report.


Exposing Sex Slavery

A Nobel prize-winning woman who escaped ISIS sex slavery was silenced in Canada for fear of breeding Islamophobia. More from RedPill78.

The Distractions Are Many

As we get closer to crunch time, distractions are abounding, attempting to draw our attention and our minds away from the prize at hand. The elite are begging their demon gods to appear. The symbology is important to understand the omicron ruse. These leftists want full control. We must resist them. Pray! More from And We Know.

Frothy Woo

Clif High says the woo is getting frothy. By that he means it’s becoming much more difficult to predict changing conditions because there’s so much change occurring so rapidly. He’s closely monitoring threats by the elites, including Bill Gates, involving a release of smallpox. Otherwise, he extols the values of chaga, a medicinal mushroom said to have some dramatic healing properties.

Flynn’s Warning Comes True

Earlier this month, Gen. Michael Flynn issued a dire warning to the world that he saw the telltale signs of a new Covid variant to be released on the world to create fear and establish more U.N. control via an economic collapse.

Infowars’ Alex Jones says now we see exactly that come to fruition, with the U.N., United Kingdom, European Union Israel and the Democrat Party all pushing for new lockdowns because of the alleged emergence of a new variant, labeled Covid 21.

Who’s to blame? Jones says it’s the multinational corporations, through radical think tanks and cooperation of the media, who laid out scenarios years ago to take control of the planet. Here are the latest developments.


Fake News Crashes Market

Josh Sigurdson reports that news of a fake Covid-19 variant hit the propaganda mill on Friday, sending the stock market to its largest Black Friday crash in 70 years.

This is especially disturbing, says Sigurdson, since the market is already manipulated and propped up by the Deep State. He says there have been no fundamentals in play for a while and fear has gripped  traders. If this continues, the consequences will be dire–worse inflation, more supply chain woes and, most of all, blind complacency as people continue to fall for every single absurd claim by the pharma-funded mainstream media. In this video, Sigurdson breaks down what we need to do to survive the bloodbath.

More Nonsense From Uncle Joe

Trending Politics’ Clayton Kierns reports that Joe Biden last week falsely claimed that his presidency is focused on jobs and businesses. As we all know, the economy is on the brink of collapse, as labor shortages and supply chain issues continue to plague American industry.

Ivory Hecker, of Next News Network, brings us more details on the delusional comments.

Left: Normalizing Pedophiles

The Left is Normalizing Pedophiles? A Special News Report on what are now called Minor Attracted People, in order to be politically correct and sensitive to criminals. After the Old Dominion University went viral and was then placed on leave for promoting this movement, you get the full report here! More on the We Lie To You News by AwakenwithJP.