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22nd Amendment Is The Key

The Deep State is panicking, as their money-laundering operation is being destroyed right in front of their eyes. Peace will be made when all actors are destroyed or they surrender. Timing is everything.

X22 Report says the 22nd Amendment will now come into play, specifying that President Trump needs to wait for the two-year mark in the Biden Administration and after states decertify the election, so he can then serve two terms, plus two years. The plan is coming together one piece at a time and the Deep State is being dismantled. Former Trump political advisor, Dan Scavino, is signaling that the storm is coming. More from the X22 Report.

Russian Forces Storm Kiev

Russians, fighting Ukraine forces in the capital city of Kiev, have met with greater resistance than they had expected. As a result, the Russians have not advanced as quickly as they had hoped in their armed incursion into Ukraine.

What they have seen is a very determined resistance, and it has slowed them down,” a US military observer said.

Meanwhile, the war has led to escalating sanctions against Russia, applied by the European Union and other blocs of nations. Ukraine is also said to be eager to enter into talks with Russia to end the conflict.

Here is footage, purportedly showing the warfare under way. We say “purportedly” because there have been many fake and phony videos floating around claiming to show warfare in Ukraine when, in fact, the videos are drawn from earlier conflicts. More from Steve Turley.

Meanwhile, here is another report on the biological warfare labs being run in Ukraine by the U.S. Department of Defense. It turns out there are also similar labs in the neighboring nation of Georgia, also along the southern border of Russia. Here, we get independent information compiled by journalists from Bulgaria showing the locations of the labs. More from bluewater.

Live From The People’s Convoy

Presenting fresh drone footage from the People’s Convoy as they roll through Oklahoma and a live on the spot interview with my friend Josh Yoder of US Freedom Flyers, representing the People’s Convoy to tell you how you can get involved and be a part of this nationwide movement! More from RedPill78.

The Cyber War Begins

Major hacking groups are choosing sides and issuing warnings on behalf of Russia and the Ukraine. It remains to be seen how powerful these hacking groups have become and which might be able to disable or hack the computer systems of opponents.

Meanwhile, outfits like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are banning many news or government agencies affiliated with Russia. More from The Quartering.

Justine Trudeau…Do You See It?

Is Justin Trudeau actually male or a female to male transpplant? Here, we see some evidence suggesting Trudeau is a trans-human, Illuminati, gender-inverted Baphomet! Also covered: How to spot a tranny? Otherwise, we get updates on Freedom Convoys in the United States as well as Canada. More from McAllister TV.



Covid Emergency Phase Over

Addressing CPAC 22, Dr. Peter McCullough said the emergency phase of the Covid-19 pandemic is over, also calling for a full safety review of the vaccines after a million vaccine injuries in the U.S. and thousands of deaths. Here’s his address., courtesy of RenaudBe.

Government And Our Money

Liz Wheeler poses the question: “Why does the government need your tax dollars, when they are printing anything that they need to fund their social programs?”

She says this isn’t a Biden Administration thing, but involves many U.S. presidential regimes going back nearly three decades. And, surprisingly, it has nothing to do with fiscal irresponsibility, but to a practice known as Modern Monetary Theory. She explains in this edition of “The Liz Wheeler Show.”

Hidden For Centuries

There are many examples on Earth of fossilized trees passing through stone. Scientists believe that most of the Earth’s surface layers were deposited slowly over millions of year.

Everything Inside Me reports there is no way this happened. He says the trees were probably covered in soft soil, the result of a major catastrophe. So, the question is, what caused tens of meters of Earth to fall out all over the world? And most importantly, why are scientists silent about what happened? Here’s his scintillating report.