Define Bait, Define Plant

The [Deep State] took the bait and completely destroyed themselves. They put a witness on the stand that was fed false info and it was debunked in a matter of minutes. Was this a trap? Was Cassidy the bait to destroy the J6 fake show.

The patriots are in control and the next phase of the plan is coming online. [Ghislaine Maxwell] was just the beginning, Trump, Kash, Nunes all hint to where this is all going: Rachel Chandler. More from the X22 Report.

Jane Roe Transinvestigation

Decode! Jane Roe (Norma McCorvey) transinvestigation! Could Roe Vs. Wade be based on a lie? Who is Cassidy Hutchinson? How do you insert a plant? Another trap being laid out by the White Hats? Trust the Plan! God in control! More from McAllister TV.


Surprise J6 Witness A Plant?

The surprise J6 committee witness Tuesday, Cassidy Hutchinson, appears to be nothing more than a low-level staffer who has only damaged the claims of the committee and vindicated President Trump. She was likely a PLANT!  Also, more on Jeffrey Epstein protegee Ghislaine Maxwell and her sentencing. More from RedPill78.

Here, Body Language Ghost — formerly Bombard’s — analyzes Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony and peculiar body language gestures.  One detail that the Body Language Ghost missed. Hutchinson is wearing a necklace whose centerpiece forms a “Q.” Could be significant, we don’t mind pointing out.


Amber Heard 2.0. It’s a total fabrication. So says Secret Service agents. Paul Joseph Watson amplifies on the fiction.

The January 6th hearings continue unabated in the attempt to completely discredit and destroy Donald Trump—in the hopes of demoralizing his supporters and removing all chances of him ever holding office again.

It didn’t go well for the committee out to get Trump this week, or for the media. In fact, it was an utter embarrassment. Let’s take a look at the schemes, the players, and the fallout as never-Trumpers play fast and loose with the truth. More from Lori Colley.

Facing “Last Stage Of Tyranny”

Author and journalist, Dr. Naomi Wolf, rejoins the program to discuss the growing tyranny we are witnessing and experiencing worldwide. She has been writing about the stages of tyranny and now believes America has entered the last stage.

We discuss how both the Chinese Communist Party and the World Economic Forum are pushing for global tyranny for the purpose of their worldwide power grab. More from Sarah Westall on her channel Business Game Changers.

Beware! The Lockdown Dogs!

Schools across Great Britain are sending notices to parents, alerting them to new lockdown drills. What kinds of catastrophes are the elites planning next? Among the cited triggers, “The close proximity of a dangerous dog roaming loose.”

Ah, ha! Cujo has been resurrected! Or perhaps the Hound of the Baskervilles! More from Hugo Talks.

Sleepers And Dope Money

Project Veritas has obtained a leaked audio of Democrat South Carolina State Representative and U.S. Senate candidate Krystle Mathews, who tells an inmate at Perry Correction Institution in Pelzer, S.C., that she would welcome “dope money” to her campaign. See her reaction when Project Veritas Press Secretary R.C. Maxwell confronts Matthews in a diner.

Here’s the entire audio clip. In addition to her drug money comments, Matthews also suggests Democrats should run “sleepers” in Republican primaries–Dems disguised as Republicans–to advance their corrupt agenda.

Top 100 Q Proofs

For those stubborn naysayers who still believe Q is a psyop, you are dead wrong! These doubting Thomases are either paid shills and trolls or among those who simply refuse to lift a finger to do their own due diligence.

Christian Patriot News delivers the goods, featuring the top 100 Q proofs of all-time, adding, “What you’re watching is a military intelligence, worldwide sting operation.” Here’s his report.

Exposing Biden’s Energy Lies

Sara Carter tackles Joe Biden’s latest salvo of lies surrounding the ridiculous, record-high energy crisis and shreds his string of endless excuses in an attempt to shift the blame.

She also describes how lawless Portland, Ore., is becoming a dystopian mess because crime and open drug use is rampant and the radical politicians there won’t do anything to stop it, and welcomes Dr. Kevin Kosar to discuss what the vice-president can and cannot do when counting electoral votes every four years.